Rams may consider a radical option if Todd Gurley's knee regresses during the off-season


INDIANAPOLIS – The question of whether Todd Gurley is in good health has been one of the biggest mysteries of the NFL in recent months. Although the team does not want to say it, the organization certainly fears left knee.

Gurley is currently on a diet with the subject in the hope of finding him in perfect health for the 2019 season, but if it does not work or if his knee deflates, the team might consider a treatment stem cell-based for its half-star, according to a team source.

Although stem cell procedures have not yet entered the NFL, several former semi-offensives have been treated, including Jamaal Charles and Knowshon Moreno. Charles and Moreno both underwent the procedure after tore an ACL earlier in their football career. Gurley tore his ACL during his first year at the University of Georgia in 2014.

Rams' coach, Sean McVay, was questioned about the possibility of a stem cell-based procedure during an individual interview with CBSSports.com during the NFL game Thursday. Although he did not confirm it, he said the team was reviewing "new methods" to help Gurley with his knee suffering.

"With regard to stem cells, it's not something that has been communicated to me, but there is a program," McVay said. "We have these doctors and there are always new methods to stay as up-to-date as possible, and number one, the player has to feel comfortable with that." Todd does a great job doing his own research and knowing what are the things [he] can do."

McVay also added that the team was open to using new medical advances as long as Gurley was comfortable.

"I think every year offers a new opportunity based on research and some medical breakthroughs to attack it in the right way," McVay said. "As long as Todd will feel good about it, that's what we'll do."

One option that is not on the table right now is surgery. McVay told a horde of media members at the combine that the operation will certainly not occur during the off season.

Gurley's awkward left knee has become such a problem this year that he has missed the last two games of the regular season. At the time, the Rams awarded Gurley absence to pain and inflammation. According to McVay, the team hopes to find Gurley at full strength this season.

"We will set up a plan for it to attack so that the knee regains all its strength and that it feels good depending on the amount of work that it has gotten." "said McVay. "It would not be different if he missed a match or not, though."

The Rams' 33-year-old coach also said the team has been closely monitoring Gurley's knee since the day he was drafted in 2015.

"We've always had an approach with him, even from the time we wrote it before I came here, and we're really here," McVay said. "A specific plan has been put in place to monitor this knee every off-season and allow it to maintain its ability to withstand this workload, and this season will be no different."

A team source also said his team was concerned about how many shots Gurley was undergoing. The Rams' running back has carried the ball 1,042 times since his rookie year. To put this in perspective, no other NFL running back has carried the ball 950 times during this period. Gurley has led the NFL for four seasons, although he has missed six regular season games during this period.

Rams' general manager, The Snead, did not deny the team's concern over Gurley's wear and tear. In fact, during an appearance at the combine on Thursday, Snead said the Rams could consider bringing back half a half to help ease Gurley's burden in 2019.

"There is an element of wear and I think we need to determine in probably two steps: are we going to give him the load that he had in the past or are we going to reduce that load to say the keep cool for the season and for the seasons beyond, "said Snead, via the NFL's official website. "If you follow that path, you have to have a good combination, let's call it Batman and Robin or add another superhero figure and calculate how you're going to do it, we're figuring that out and I really think with Todd and his career – it happens to a lot of young guys, all of a sudden, they wake up … and you're a little seamier than the night before. "

The problem for the Rams is that Gurley's pain has been persistent, which is why the team could possibly consider the stem cell option.

Largely because of Gurley's injury, the Rams appealed to C.J. Anderson to help him bear the burden at the end of the regular season. It's Anderson who first publicly acknowledged how much Gurley's knee was back in December.

"He was more hurt than what we thought, Said Anderson on February 19. "The wound was a bit bigger than everyone else thought in the building, including himself."

Gurley's health is now a $ 45 million mystery to the Rams. Gurley became the highest paid half in NFL history in July when he signed a four-year extension of $ 60 million that included $ 45 million in guaranteed money. When the Rams signed the agreement with Gurley, they were obviously not expecting their offense to turn into an empty race by the committee, but as Snead said, Is something that could happen if the 24-year-old's injury persists. 2019.

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