Random: Turns out Nintendo might be right, you can have too many Super Mario Bros.

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Super Mario Bros. turns 35 this year and has to be among the most popular games Nintendo has ever produced. It’s available, in one form or another, on just about every system the company produces, and in 2020 we have yet another way to experience it in the form of a brand new Game & Watch handheld (a range that turns 40 this year).

This Twitter user is driving @akfamilyhome to put together a mighty collection of machines all playing the iconic NES title – and the end result is pretty nightmarish, we have to admit. Maybe that’s why Nintendo is removing several Super Mario titles early next year – it’s possible to have as well a good thing.

Is this your version of hell or heaven? Let us know with a comment – if you can get that theme melody out of your head, sure.

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