Rare trio of eagles raising bald eagles in a single nest

A rare trio of bald eagles consisting of two males and a female pupil breeds his own trio of chicks in a nest on the Mississippi River.

The two fathers call Valor I and Valor II, and the mother is Starr, according to the stewards of the Upper Mississippi Refuge, which hosts a flow of family life.

The refuge stated that the birds "all participate in nest maintenance, incubation and rearing of young".

According to the National Audubon Society, there are other records on such trios in this species, including Alaska in 1977, Minnesota in 1983, and California in 1992.

But Audubon reports that this particular case is different because the two male eagles mate with the female. As a general rule, the second father acted as a kind of resident nanny in similar cases.

According to the non-profit organization, before the arrival of Valor II, the nest was very messy. It has also been two years since the two fathers lost their original partner, Hope.

Audubon said Valor I "was not a good partner or a good father" when he and Hope started nesting.

He would have had difficulty "incubating the eggs and feeding the eaglets, which were actually his only two jobs".

"Normally, they would change roles, but Hope was hoping to stay on the nest for a very long time," said Pam Audhaus, the shelter's Visitor Services Manager. "Although I never bring food, she will have to get up and go hunting."

"So he was replaced," Steinhaus said.

Valor II finally entered the nest, but Valor I would stay. According to Audubon, the trio has started nesting cooperatively since 2016.

But in March 2017, the trio's nest was attacked by another pair of adult eagles. The shelter said its nesting life stream had even captured a video of the fight showing "two adult eagles fighting on the ground in a desperate fight for the victory of the heel".

Both fathers survived, but Hope would have disappeared after the attack.

The fathers would have raised their eagles shared with Hope after his disappearance.

After the Eagles left in May, the fathers joined Starr, who has since laid three more eggs hatched last month.

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