"Raw Vegan" YouTuber causes an uproar after being seen with a plate of fish

All social media influencers and vloggers on YouTube know that to stand out from the crowd, you must have a brand that defines you and your channel. Many times, this type of brand arises from a particular lifestyle choice or preference. And in the case of Yovana Mendoza Rawvana English, its social media platform is centered on healthy lifestyles and eating.

As a Raw Vegan herself, Mendoza often discusses (and even promotes) her animal-friendly lifestyle on her YouTube channel.

This time, the vlogger lifestyle is not in the news for its virulent veganism, but rather for being missed. Because in this video posted by Vegan Bean, we can see Mendoza sitting at a table with a plate of cooked fish.

Although the video does not show it explicitly eating the dish, its followers have been quick to call it – creating the #fishvana hashtag online. Many of them have called to be "wrong" and have used the vegan diet as a way to gain social media.

With over 400,000 subscribers on YouTube, this was a serious problem for Raw Vegan's lawyer. And in response to all these negative comments, Mendoza has recorded and uploaded a 30-minute video in which she explains the evolution of her diet.

According to Mendoza, her doctors advised her to change her diet because of her irregular menstrual cycles. For this reason, she incorporated eggs and fish in her meals.

"I decided to put my health first," she says in the video.

Despite these very public excuses, many questioned the sincerity of his statements.

The user of Instagram @ misterpilgrim818, for example, commented on his article on Instagram, "Even though she admitted [to] having had no vegan diet for a few months (and, to be honest, probably longer), she is still making money by encouraging people to believe that it is a healthy diet. Personally, I do not agree with veganism (it's contrary to human nature and the diet that has been consumed by virtually all of humanity throughout history), but for someone who makes money by telling his people that "raw veganism is good for your health! when in reality it caused him serious health problems that forced him to change diets, it was not cool. Hopefully the sponsors will see all the repercussions and that will restore their income. Maybe she will then have a real job and bring something to humanity – we can always use another barista, admirite?

Another online user wrote, "I respect you, but veganism is not about being famous on the Internet.[. It’s] not about [the] money [and it’s] no weight lost … it's about animals. So not cool, really. I wish you good luck, but the problems with Nutei that you have reported do not add up. I am 46 years old [years old and have] summer [a] vegan since [the] 80's but [I] never wanted to be skinny. It's sad to see people who do not eat enough calories and who have veganism … [es]especially after doing a lot of $ promotion of an unrealistic lifestyle. ?❤️ "


Tell us in the comments below, do you think that Yovana Mendoza was sincere in her apology?


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