Razer's "mental performance drink" is unlikely to quench his thirst


Not surprisingly, it will not be expensive. You can buy Respawn in boxes of 20 packs at a price of $ 25 in flavors like blue raspberry, green apple, pomegranate watermelon and tropical pineapple. What if you want to show your taste for the brand by getting the official shaker cup? That's $ 30 more – and no, no Chroma lights match your PC. Respawn is now available in the United States via the Amazon and Razer websites. You will not have to wait to try it.

The introduction is a bit out of the left field, even for a company known for expanding its horizons, but it's not shocking. Although Respawn is technically an autonomous business, it could serve as a way to promote the Razer brand in the player community. After all, many streamers (such as DrDisRespect and Viss) are sponsored by G Fuel. This could place Razer in front of a similar number of eyeballs, even if they do not immediately associate with Respawn. This will also give Razer a secondary activity that will not be so easily destabilized by the highs and lows of gaming equipment.


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