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Reaction of Lil Nas X to Billie Eilish, the "villain" beating "Old Town Road" on a billboard

Lil Nas X reacts when Billie Eilish dethrones her title song number 1. In addition, Ariana Grande would have a new boyfriend and we have all the details. #LilNasX #BillieEilish #ArianaGreat

Billie Eilish, 17, used her last cover to be incredibly honest about her mental health issues, including her history of depression and self-injury. The singer "Ocean Eyes" is the face of the August issue of Rolling Stone. She celebrates her success, but she also highlights the dark days of the singer, who forced her to stop dancing after an injury. "I think it's early depression," she said. "That sent me to a hole. I went through a whole phase of self harm – we do not have to go. But the bottom line was that I felt that I deserved to have pain, "she said in the new interview.

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