Rebel Wilson says people treat her differently after weight loss


  • Rebel Wilson explained that she was treated differently after losing weight.
  • The actress said that now that she is in good shape, people tend to hold the door for her and offer to carry her groceries.
  • Wilson lost 60 pounds in 2020 after declaring it “Year of Health.”

    After losing over 60 pounds in 2020, Rebel Wilson reflected on her “Health Year” on The Morning Crew with Hughesy, Ed and Erin. The 40-year-old actress opened up about publicly sharing her weight loss journey on Instagram and the reactions she received after reaching her health goals.

    “I liked to think I looked good in all sizes,” Wilson said. “And I’ve always been pretty confident so it’s not like I’m not confident and now I’m super confident.”

    One thing that made change? “What’s been interesting is the way people treat you. Sometimes being bigger people don’t necessarily look at you twice, ”she said. “Now that I’m in good shape, people are offering to carry my groceries to the car and keep the doors open for [me]. “

    This made her wonder if smaller people have these interactions without even realizing it. “This, for me, has been really interesting,” she says.

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    Wilson was also surprised by the attention she received on social media. “I find it interesting that people are paying so much attention to a weight loss transformation when there is so much going on in the world,” she admitted.

    Throughout 2020, Wilson documented her weight loss journey on Instagram, revealing all the big and small changes she’s made to her diet, fitness and personal care to achieve her goals. This included going to the gym most days of the week, walking a lot, and looking for more nutritious foods (along with a few sprinkled treats).

    The actress previously shared that she struggles to eat emotionally, and on a December IGTV she explained that she always has to be careful if she is feeling particularly stressed or anxious. “It’s not something that’s just going to go away, it’s just something I have to deal with now to move forward,” she said.

    Despite his weight loss, Wilson isn’t focusing on the numbers on the scale. Instead, she adjusts to how she feels. “I would say to everyone, don’t be obsessed with your actual weight,” she said People. “It’s more about all the healthy practices and then the changes in your whole lifestyle.”

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