Recall of a Dog Food Company Expanding Above High Levels of Vitamin D


(CBS New York) – A company expands the recall of canned dog food above high levels of vitamin D.

Hill's Pet Nutrition recalled 25 varieties in January. Now he adds eight more.

The company says the products may contain toxic levels of vitamin D, which can cause vomiting, weight loss and kidney failure. His cat food and dry dog ​​food are not affected.

New varieties include:

Hill & # 39; s® Prescription Diet® k / d® Canned Dog Food with Lamb, 13 oz, 12 Units (SKU 2697) (Date Code / Lot Code 102020T25)
Hill & # 39; s® Science Diet® Dog Food Adult Ideal Weight Chicken and Vegetable 12 cans 12.8 oz (SKU 2975) (Date Code / Lot Code 092020T28)
Hill's® Prescription Diet® c / d® Urric Care Canned Chicken & Vegetable Stew Can Dog Food, 5.5 oz, Pack of 24 (SKU 3388) (Date Code / Lot Code 102020T18)
Hill's® Prescription Diet® i / d® – Low Fat Chicken, Vegetables and Chicken Stew – 24 cans (SKU 3391) (date code / batch code 092020T27)
Hill's® Prescription Diet® 12 Can Canine 12 Can Can (SKU Number 7014) (Date Code / Batch Code 092020T28, 102020T27, 102020T28)
Hill's® Science Diet® Canned Dog Food Adult Entry, Beef, 13 oz (SKU 7039 #) (Date / Lot Code 092020T31, 102020T21)
Hill's® Science Diet® Adult 7+ Healthy Cuisine Roast Chicken, Carrots & Spinach Cinnamon Stew 12 x 12 oz. (SKU # 10449) (Date Code / Lot Code 092020T28)
Hill's® Science Diet® Healthy Cooking Canned Adult Braised Beef Dog Food 12.5 oz, 12 Count (SKU 10451) (Batch Code / Code 102020T28)


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