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Recap "Fear the Undead": Season 5, Episode 3 – "Humbug Gulch"

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Sunday. Fear the undead.

Oh, Luciana! By season 5 of Fear the undeadshe had have known better than to say things like, "If we can crush a plane for someone, if we can almost die for someone, no matter what will happen, how much can that be?" to be serious? "Still, she did it in Sunday's" Humbug's Gulch ". . "And of course, at the end of the hour, we had an idea that the situation would be even worse. What was the horrible turn that ended the episode that marked the Fear TWD beginnings of TWDDwight (Austin Amelio)? Continue reading …

fear-the-death-march-season 5 episode 3 humbugs gulch dwight"WELCOME TO GULCH" | At the beginning of Colman Domingo's installation, Morgan, John and June cleaned up as many roadblocks as they could in horror, hoping to attack Al and the kids. Working with Alicia, Lucy, still standing up, marked the locations of the moaning obstacles on a map and deduced that they formed a perimeter. Soon, John and June had left the reach of the radio. (Then, Lordythere was a lot of: "Morgan, do you hear me? Alicia, do you copy? "!) Before trying to eliminate the next roadblock, John pointed out that the one on the other side had to be" serious people ". June, flawless, replied: "were serious people. "(I like June.) As the couple began its thorny task, gunshots rang out and, with a rising dust storm, they were forced to seek refuge at Humbug's Gulch, a Wild West attraction like the one where John played Sam Six-Gun.

But John and June had not passed the door of the brothel yet, he insisted they would not get stuck in the dust storm and leave. So they left … only to get shot again; their attacker had caught them! After the guy threw his tires and John was winged, the mysterious man was lucky enough to fall on the sniper. "Where is she?!?" Cried the guy, whom I suspect hardly needed to tell you that it was Dwight. Faster than you could say, "Behind you," June had timed him and they entered the brothel. (There really should be a revolving door.) Looking over Dwight's notes from Sherry, John supposed that Dwight was "all exhausted looking for this woman." Maybe he's just cracking. "In any case, whee! They had someone they could help!

fear-the-death-march-season 5 episode 3 humbugs gulch dwight"THE ENTIRE PLACE IS DECROUSSED" | When Dwight woke up, it soon became obvious that he was giving up. He told John and June that he had a car at the end of the street that they could take. Naturally, the benefactors were not about to leave him behind. They would come out of there, so they would help him find … "I'm looking for my wife," Dwight finally admitted. Little by little, the trio escaped from the walkers who had surrounded the brothel by climbing through a window on the upper floor. In no time, Dwight had found another way to try to give up, sacrificing himself so that John and June could escape. Once again, they would not let him. Finally, they have thisclose Dwight's car, just to turn him around and jump into John and June's car with the flat tires. When our heroes joined him on the radio, he explained to them that he had shot at them early because they were driving the last car Sherry was in. Every time she moved in, she left him a note; this car had no notes in it.

For a long time, Dwight told John and June that he thought he'd be too far behind Sherry to catch up. "But now, I'm finally starting to see him." He did not deserve to be reunited with her, not after what he had done. Hell, "he added," I'll kill you for nothing at all. " Eventually, June loves suicide, and John and she pulled the walkers out of his car so that he could leave with them. (John even took out two walkers with his last bullet while ricocheting him with an ax. "It's only the second time I've done that," he marveled.) That night, John told Dwight that he had made a discovery: The VIN does not match the recording on which Sherry had written his last note. So maybe she left her message to Dwight in the car she had actually driven. When their story reached a crossroads, they found Morgan, Alicia and Lucy – and Morgan and Dwight were stunned to see faces so familiar. But more on that in a bit …

"We are all trying to start again" | After Alicia and Lucy managed to give their walkie talkie to Annie, Max and Dylan, the women left after the kids. How could they possibly not hear Annie tell Dylan that he'd better hide, because "I can see them"? (OK, that was really scary.) On the way to who knows where (they did not do it), Alicia phoned Morgan for not worrying, this was not not about her bloodlust, she was just trying to do what was right … like Lucy's car and she ran on a board with nails sticking past and crushed. When Morgan caught up with them, he suggested that the kids probably still have their radios on, so Alicia should talk to them. Not only she, she said what she wanted to have before they broke up. That being the case: "I lost my mother … and my brother … and I know how much you suffer and are afraid, and it's not because I went there, it's because I'm there. " she alone, she added. All they had to do was give adults a chance. In response, crickets.

At dusk, the trio was found with John and June at Humbug's Gulch. When Morgan saw Dwight, he was stunned … and anxious to prevent the former Savior from finding excuses for his past behavior. They all did terrible things, Morgan said. And now, they were all trying to expiate. When Alicia asked Dwight about the roadblocks, he explained that he had been able to explore only to a certain extent – there was one that was so big, it was impenetrable. "Not for long," said Alicia as she stood in front of the obstacle. But before they could start dismantling it, Max announced by radio that he was on his way to stopping the truck with his brothers. The timing was so good, it smelled like a trap – and it turned out to be one. As soon as Alicia had told Morgan that "finally, we're starting to feel like we're on the right track," they saw the kids' van. Dylan was covered with sobs. From there, we went to Annie and Max … adding more walkers to their roadblocks! "Do you think they've bought it?" She asked her brother. "Certainly," Max said, adding that he was sure Dylan would not crack. He would find out why they were really hanging around and who had taken their friend away and would not bother them anymore.

So, what did you think of "Humbug's Gulch"? Does it make you a bit odd to like Dwight now? Were you surprised that these are the children behind the roadblocks? Hit the comments.

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