Recap: Nuggets qualify for playoffs with 114-105 win over Boston Celtics


The Nuggets arrived in Boston in search of a win, and what victory did they get. Nikola Jokic took control of the way Nikola Jokic can not, and behind the balanced attack and defensive effort, Denver was able to put the Celtics on the road for a 114-105 win. It was not always good, but the Nuggets looked like the best team of the night and are now rewarded with playoff safety.

It was clear that Kyrie Irving was going to make a personal mission tonight from the meeting. While Irving was trying to take things in hand with a 1-5 shooting start, the Nuggets patiently played their basketball style and took the 13-4 advantage. Al Horford had plans for Boston with some trios. Isaiah Thomas received a touching video tribute, then registered and missed her catch. The rest of the first was not good but Denver was leading 24-22.

The second quarter was ugly to start as both teams struggled to score. The second unit of Denver yielded long rebounds and second chance points, allowing the Celtics to take a slight lead. Then the Nuggets woke up. Jokic came in and scored a three, Murray hit his three and facilitated a good attack, and Torrey Craig gave some good minutes of work in the absence of Paul Millsap. Horford hit three others, but on the other side, Jokic was right and scored almost at will. Jokic led Denver with 13 points and 10 rebounds in the first period, and the Nuggets kept Boston at bay 55-52.

Irving really started the jets to start the third and found his pace, scoring nine quick points and propelling Boston into the lead. On the other hand, Denver's performance was less than brilliant. Will Barton imposed two bad turnovers that set the tone for the team (7 turnovers in a quarter). Fortunately, outside of Kyrie, nobody in green could buy a bucket. The Nuggets kept the game tight and capitalized a lot in the last seconds of the quarter. Craig hit a three corner, then Boston returned the game on the inside, leading to a big open dunk for Craig again. End of three, tied at 80.

The quick points at the end of the third seemed to really change the momentum towards Denver. Monte Morris and Plumlee started the game with a good game of choice and roulettes, and then Jokic returned to the game and broke all three. Boston returned to the match when Irving returned to the match, but the Nuggets continued to advance and increased their lead to 12. However, three consecutive Kyrie turnovers allowed the Celtics to return. Millsap closed the game with a four-point game 30 seconds from time, and even with some horrible, terrible, ugly and ugly turnovers the Nuggets kept to win.

Game notes and thoughts

  • Tonight was a very mature game by Jamal Murray. I was sure it would be a game where one would try to overdo it, but he really played in his hallway, which was a huge advantage for the team. His defense was not perfect, but the efforts were really there and he did a great job when he put Kyrie in the first period. He also has
  • Jokic was just dominant all around. 21-13-7-2-3 seems pretty pedestrian at this point for Jokic, but its impact on the game is unmatched. He made the right decisions, pulled the right shots, and even scored 3-7 from the depth. Overall, a vintage and dominant Joker game.
  • Barton has quietly scored 20 points, but has made some games that hurt his head. His counterpart on the bench, Torrey Craig, however, killed him. 13 points on the bench, 8 rebounds and a million points of effort.
  • It's not that it's ever been dubious this season, but we're going to the playoffs !!!!!
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