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Recap of "Marvel's Jessica Jones": Finale of the series – Season 3, Episode 13

The following post contains spoilers for the final of the series of Jessica Jones from Marvel.

At the beginning of Jessica Jones"Third and final season, the P.I holder was not exactly an ideal hero. Of course, she did good deeds – but they sometimes involved sending a single father to a sandy beach, or humiliating a psychopath in front of twenty college students.

At the end of season 3, however, Jessica seems to have a better idea of ​​what saving the day means, even if it's a huge cost. Before telling us what you thought of the last hour of the Netflix drama, let's recap what happened:

The episode begins immediately after the terrible murder of Salinger, for which Jessica immediately knows that Trish was responsible. However, she seems to be in conflict over how to handle the new wave of Trish murders – and she gets unexpected advice from Luke Cage (!), Who presents himself to Alias ​​Investigations after hearing a lot about Jessica. Luke tells Jessica the story of her half-brother, Willis, who appeared in Luke Cage"His first season and doing a lot of bad things." Luke finally sent Willis on the raft, a powerboat underwater jail, and he told Jessica that "it killed me, but that it was the right thing to do. Index, index, Jessica.

Jessica Jones Season 3

The rest of the final is therefore largely devoted to the final confrontation between Jessica and Trish. I spare you the minutia – Jessica finds Trish, Trish goes away, Jessica finds Trish again, yadda yadda yadda – but the two women finally have their last clash in a cargo hold at a busy airport. With Jeri's help, Trish had planned to leave the country safely, which would have involved laying in a metal box for a 17-hour flight to Thailand. But Jessica intervenes at the last moment and the sisters finally have the face-to-face fight that is preparing all the season.

Jessica informs Trish that she has become her mother and fears that Trish will stop killing, now that she is a moral bankrupt. "Who else will you kill? Am I next? Jessica asks Trish. "Go ahead, Trish. Prove me right. And, surprisingly, Trish Is: Waving a knife, she throws herself on Jessica, and when Jessica reaches out to stop Trish, she realizes that Trish's dagger has crossed her hand – confirming that Trish was intent on killing his sister, if only she could have been close enough.

In the end, Jessica knocks Trish unconscious and then delivers it to the authorities. (And, as Detective Costa reads to Trish the long list of charges against her, Trish alarmed ends up sobbing, "I am the mean one. That's kind of what we've been getting all this time, Patsy.) Then Jessica decides to leave Alias ​​Investigations – and New York – behind, handing Malcolm the keys to her office / apartment when she leaves . "Do not give it a go," she smiles, then makes a quick stop to watch police officers pull a trish chained to a helicopter.

In the final scene, Jessica is at the station where she approaches the box office and asks for a one-way ticket to get "as close as possible to Mexico City", which turns out to be El Paso, Texas. But just as the clerk slips the ticket to Jessica, she pauses and suddenly hears Kilgrave's voice in her head. "Jeeeessicaaaa,"He mocks." You're right to give in. Give up. It's the job of someone else now. "

Never anyone to let Kilgrave defeat her, of course, Jessica decides do not make the trip to El Paso. Instead, she turns around, smiles and walks out of the station.

It's a wrap, Jessica Jones Fans! What did you think of the last episode of the series? Express your votes in our polls below, then leave a comment with your thoughts!

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