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Recap of the price of gold: July 8

The wallet calculator allows you to calculate the current value of your gold and your money.

  • Enter an Amount number in the left text field.
  • Select Once, Gram, or Kilogram for the weight.
  • Select a currency. NOTE: You must first select a currency for gold, even if you do not enter a value for the gold holdings. If you want to select a currency other than the US dollar for the Money Positions Calculator.

The current price per unit weight and currency will be displayed on the right. The current value of the amount entered is displayed.

You may enter numeric amounts for the purchase price and / or future value per unit of weight you choose.

Current and future gains / losses will be calculated.

Gold and silver asset totals, including gold to silver ratio, will be calculated.

The spot price of gold per troy ounce as well as the date and time of the price are shown under the calculator.

If your browser is set to accept cookies, a button appears at the bottom of the fund calculator.

Press the button to place a cookie on your computer containing the information you entered in the fund calculator.

When you return to goldprice.org, the cookie will be recovered on your computer and the values ​​placed in the calculator.

You will find a range of other useful calculators in gold and silver on our Calculators page.

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