Recap of "The Voice": Celia Babini, Cecily Hennigan – Blind Auditions


The NBC promo for the conclusion of The voiceBlind Auditions of Season 16 promised us that the best had been saved for last. But (a) have not all promotions in the history of promotions emphasized that what follows will be the best, and b) could there be really did they wait behind the scenes who were better than four players in the presidency, like Shawn Sounds and Maelyn Jarmon of the John Legend team? Keep reading and, as the evening's performances, including that of Red Marlow's nephew, Jackson, we decide whether we were right not to believe the hype.

Celia Babini (Team Adam), "idontwannabeyouanymore" – Grade: A- | That's literally what Blake has described as a reinterpretation of the hit of 17-year-old New York-born Billie Eilish, who has replaced the aerial voice of the original with a bluesy and bouncy voice that, according to Blake the jury, would be somewhere between Adele and Fiona Apple. She stumbled slightly here and there, but only slightly, and even then, I thought it was quite forgivable as she seemed to feel the song as much as to sing it. Not sure that she is not too original for The voicebut it is certainly someone I will be eager to hear again.

the-voice-recap-celia-babini-cecily hennigan-blind-auditionsCecily Hennigan (Team Blake), "Foolish Games" – Grade: A- | The 16-year-old South Carolina, who went viral while singing her heart during a stroll in a fast food restaurant, came on the scene with a voice that had started so well that it reminded me of Sarah McLachlan. C & # 39; was this well. During the emotional moments of Jewel's cover, Cecily's performance was a little less perfect – but only a little bit. And the vulnerability of his voice then made up for it. If she had auditioned earlier in the blinds, she would surely have had more than one chair ride.

Kalvin Jarvis (Team Adam), "A good night" – Note: C + | Kalvin, an assistant manager at a breakfast restaurant, told us in his pre-interview that his father had been a rapper before starting (and withdrawing from) the drug game. On stage, the competitor shone with confidence, but his voice was just good enough. We have certainly heard better guys in his lane this season. John said that Kalvin did a great job, but he did not change places. "I was very nervous about my own song," he later suggested. May be, or he might have expected a more memorable voice. Kalvin was not bad, but you are unlikely to talk about his performance tomorrow.

the recitative voice celia babina cecily hennigan blind auditionsDavid Owens (Team Kelly), "I can not make you love" – ​​Grade: B- | This 24 year old Indian told us in his segment to get to know that he was worried about the idea of ​​looking for music because his big family did not have a lot of money. ;money. Now, the newly married father hoped to make his baby son proud by taking a chance. I probably suspected that when Junior was old enough to see the audition, he would say, "Dad, why are you going to play Bonnie Raitt's song?" so a lot? Still, David proved he had a good, serious register, a decent range, of power in his pipes – and that he was not afraid to tweak a classic. Definitely has potential; just a question of knowing how he will be able to achieve it.

Auditions-of-the-voice-celia-BABINI-cecily-HenniganPresley Tennant (Team Kelly), "Stone Cold" – Grade: B + | This failed boy who described himself – formerly a member of a group of little princesses – began his performance with a light and breathable voice, then increased the volume until I was surprised not having to turn a chair because of his voice. "It's a great lineup, y'all," Kelly said afterwards. She could not believe that this frantic performance did not provoke a greater reaction. Presley did not appeal to me as much as Celia and Cecily, but I rather agree with Kelly. It's a voice you've noticed.

Rod Stokes (Team Blake), "To Love Somebody" – Rating: C | Describing herself as Kelly Clarkson, this 34-year-old Alabaman told us that evangelical chant was all that he had known (even though he was drawn to the country of the 90s). On stage, he proved that he had a great voice and a distinctive voice, which made me think of a Pryor Baird. And I could certainly get him out of the crowd later. But that did not seem like he knew how to exploit his power. So when all was said and sung, Blake's choice was not overwhelming to complete his team. He has at least two country boys that I like a lot better.

the recitative voice celia babini cecily hennigan blind auditionsAndrew Jannakos (Team Adam), "Beautiful Crazy" – Note: C | Adorkable Andrew has been portrayed as a true blind audition – you know, one of the essays where we do not see the candidate until he has at least one round of president. So Clark Kent-ness's revelation of the singer from this country was fun. Unfortunately, it did not sound great, but good – nothing more, nothing less. Adam praised Andrew's voice as absolutely indifferent. And maybe that was. It was nice and had a little wealth. It just was not very interesting. I would be surprised if Andrew managed to overcome the battles.

Kayslin Victoria (Team John), "Feel It Still" – Rating: C + | This bubbly teenager recounted taking a break from work at a horse rescue farm to audition The voice like "the craziest thing" she's ever done. Taking her place in the spotlight, she looked like a star and her voice had something powerful – a cold growl here and there. But maybe she just does not have that. Despite the strength of Portugal. The hit of the Man is that Kayslin's performance is a bit … flat. For example, I wanted to love him more than I liked him. That the promo is cursed, the latter competitors have certainly not fallen into the category of the best last.

Jackson Marlow (Team Kelly), "Troubadour" – Grade: B- | With an available spot on her team, Kelly was determined to become a great country singer (and it's worth noting that the show let us see excerpts from her hearing refusing auditioner after auditioner in her resolute pursuit of that goal ). Since Jackson is Red Marlow's nephew, even before he sings a note, I imagined that Kelly's wish would be granted. On stage, the 18-year-old was good but certainly not Red, Part 2. He sang with a credible tone and an appealing tone; However, he did not exude authenticity as his uncle always did, nor did he really stand out. Carter Lloyd Horne of Team Blake is still my favorite country so far this season.

So, what did you think of the last blinds? Were they really the best of the group? Do you already have a favorite to win? Vote for the Monday contest below, then click on the comments.

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