Recap "This Is Us": Season 3, Episode 13 – "Our Little Girl on the Island"

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Beth Pearson is ready to (teach) dance as if no one is looking at her – and it's wonderful to see her take her place in the week. This is us.

Tuesday's episode delves into Beth's past and shows how her childhood love / affinity for ballet has become entangled and tarnished by her grief after her father's death. (Click here for a glimpse of tonight's episode from star Susan Kelechi Watson and the producers of the series.) This hour also gave us a better idea of ​​how Randall's wife s & rsquo; Was found on the balcony of this dance school in the flash-forward.

Read on for the highlights of "Our little girl from the island".

MEET THE BETH MOM | At the beginning of the hour, we see the incident that Beth spoke to Randall as she was heading to the door last week: her mother, Carol (hello, The Cosby Show"Phylicia Rashad!), High School Principal, gets hit by a student on the stairs, hurting her hip. So Beth and Zoe go to Washington, DC, where Carol lives to watch her.

Between the jam sessions of the tour (side note: "What About Your Friends" from TLC remains a folly, is not it?), Women agree to say that it's time to tell Carol that she must retire, but Zoe teases her cousin up "rather than confront her mother. Example: Beth did not tell Carol that she had lost her job.

When they arrive at Carol's, the older woman says that she has hurt her hip in the fall. She will not use her walker and she did not trust the emergency room doctor. "She's still scary," Zoe whispers. (Ha!)

This Is Us Recap Season 3 Episode 13A CHANCE OF DANCE | The series broadcasts the flashbacks about Beth's childhood, but I'm going to chain them all here. Abe, Beth's father (hello, Alias"Carl Lumbly!) Is warm, her mother is a bit stern and Beth is a ballet-obsessed girl who discovers she has been accepted to the local ballet academy. His father is very proud, but his mother is less enthusiastic.

Carol's skepticism is still relevant as Beth and her parents visit the school. Mom is grilling the lead teacher Vincent (hello, ERGoran Visnjic!) On the number of his students who do it in a professional manner. The number is, of course, very small. And then Carol sends Vincent his office (I love this woman) so that he and his family can chat. Beth's mother thinks the tuition fees are too high. Beth's father says that he can work overtime to make a difference. "When did we ever hear the odds?" He reminds his wife. Carol ends up accepting Beth, but warns her that she will have to work to be the best. No pressure, little!

In the last four years at school, Beth is very good, but not the best in her class. Vincent encourages her to try other dance styles, but she stubbornly insists that she can master the ballet. And then one day, she goes home to find her family: Abe has lung cancer. When Beth cries, Carol tells her, "We must be strong."

CHANGE OF PLAN | As Abe gets worse, Beth wants to be the best at school and audition for a solo in Swan Lake. When she has doubts, Abe reminds her of a family trip to Kingston, Jamaica, at the age of 18 months. Burning Spear was playing, and even though Beth had not walked before, she stood up and danced beside him. He urges her to never forget that she is "our little island island that danced before walking".

This Is Us Recap Season 3 Episode 13As we know from the excerpts from Beth's story that we have from the beginning of the series, Abe dies. And to add an insult to a heart wound, she did not have the solo. Carol reassures her that "you have done your best", but also thinks that now is the time for Beth to start thinking about the university. "We now have to choose a different path for you," she says, adding that Beth will not do it as a professional and Carol does not want to pay for dance classes anymore.

In a final flashback, we see Carol land a new student, Beth, in a blender in first grade. She writes "Bethany" on an identification tag, then writes it to write a new one that simply says "Beth". Then she falls on a guy … and it's the young Randall! She goes away, but he stays there, stunned. Dude is SMITTEN.

This Is Us Recap Season 3 Episode 13WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW | At present, during a curried chicken dinner at Carol's, Zoe disapproves of Nam's nam-nam-pamby way of returning to the conversation in retirement. So, she just said that it may be time to stop smoking. "What do you know about a job?" Carol asks her niece, citing Beth as an example of honest and rewarding employment … but Beth admits that she was fired.

That night, Zoe and Beth find a seal hidden long ago behind a framed picture hanging on the wall. They laugh while smoking in the laundry room and we learn that Carol's search of Zoe's documentary did not bother her much: compared to her place of residence, she told Beth, she always felt safe with Carol and Abe. But she acknowledges that Beth's mother has been harder with her own children and she encourages Beth to tell Carol about it "before you explode." After she leaves, Beth chats with her father's old chair and tells him that Randall reminds him so much. "I can not be me without you," she said sadly. "How could I be?"

When Carol starts making a list of companies Beth could work for, she avoids helping her. And as all these lively emotions have to go somewhere, Beth launches into a speech about the fact that her mother's rigidity deprived her of her freedom when she was a child – and that's why his brothers and sisters do not visit him, "because of what you are." . Carol says it's worth it, if her kids' lives are good now. "I am do not well, "says Beth, adding that she's craving Randall to pursue her dream.

A NEW START | The next morning, at breakfast, Carol acknowledges that she worries too much and that Abe was not worried enough. Together, they formed "the perfect balance". She apologizes, but Beth stops saying, "I am strong because of you. "They hug.

At home, Beth tells Randall that she is ready to tell him what she wants to do next. Then we see her dancing alone in a dance studio. A woman over there tells her that she is too advanced for beginners, but Beth has something quite different in mind: she wants to teach.

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