Recap "You're the worst": Series finale, Season 5, Episode 13, Pancakes


Warning: This post contains spoilers for wednesday You are the worst The final of the series.

Do you, Jimmy, take this … pile of pancakes?

FXX's hip-black hip-rom rom-com You are the worst On Wednesday, the lovebirds Jimmy and Gretchen were preparing to walk in the driveway. But they did not get married … and they did not separate either. Instead, after realizing that neither of them really wanted to get married, they gave up the ceremony and rushed to a dinner for breakfast, concluding a pact: they will decide every day they want to stay together, until they do not do it. want more. And in flash-forward, we saw that they stayed together and have a daughter (and that they've left Jimmy's house), while Lindsay has remarried with Paul, Vernon has Started a mobile medical care truck and Edgar's moved away from the gang to pursue his comedy career in New York.

To make sense of this final narrative curve, TVLine contacted the creator / executive producer Stephen Falk, who wrote and directed the finale. Below, he explains the thinking behind the big decision of Jimmy and Gretchen – and explains why it was finally "a kind of bull – t" – and how Edgar finally stopped being a typical sitcom "teammate" .

TVLINE | Did you know from the beginning that you wanted Jimmy and Gretchen to be together, but not married?
No, I think all the options were on the table. Earlier in the race, I dismissed the idea of ​​separating them for good. It just seemed uselessly cynical. I do not know if anyone has already done well. As, News broadcast did it well, but he needed a coda from [them] ten years later, everyone is happy and has evolved and can become friends again. And we're giving that end to Jimmy and Edgar. But no, I did not even know that the series would necessarily end with marriage. The economy of television is such that if they had asked me to continue, and everyone wanted it, I was sure that I could have stayed the course and found new roads for them. For example, Season 6 might have been about children or anything that is normal to a relationship I've always wanted to tell about this story.

But when we decided it was the end, the hardest part was knowing how to leave them and how to create a kind of tension in this season. I think that towards season 3, I started working on the binary problem of: "Will they get married or not?" And I came across the third choice, which seemed strangely radical in my mind, but in reality, the more we talked about it in the room, seemed really, really perfect for Jimmy and Gretchen.

TVLINE | It's interesting that they ended up having a child together, because it seems like a bigger commitment in life than getting married.
Yes! I think, in a way, in a counter-intuitive way. But at the end of the day, the choice that Jimmy and Gretchen make, to bail everyone up and go out to eat at the table and offer that kind of outing, that commitment that they do not have. Only commit to one day, each day poetic and a little charming, but at the same time, it is only a cheater. It's the same thing we all do. It's a kind of verbal escape valve that they give themselves and, like many things that Jimmy and Gretchen do, it's a kind of bull. But it works for them.

You are the worst final series Gretchen LindsayTVLINE | In the end, we actually see Lindsay and Paul remarry. So it's not that marriage works for no one. It just does not work for Jimmy and Gretchen.
Yes, I think they have a point. When you write good complete characters, you must be able to take any argument, and I think it's true that the idea of ​​standing in front of a group of people and doing wish to feel certain way … there is a bull quality to that. So for Jimmy and Gretchen, it's the truth for them. But for Lindsay and Paul, they are strangely more traditional … even though Lindsay likes to fool herself in front of others.[[[[Laughs]For them, the return after having undergone a kind of metamorphosis, real or imaginary, is logical for them and that is where they want to meet. And I think it's a pleasure for them too. I do not know if it will last a day or a life.

TVLINE | You slip into this flash-forward in the middle of the final, where we think we are at the wedding of Jimmy and Gretchen, but in reality at the wedding of Paul and Lindsay. This allows you to give us a happy mini ending before the end.
Yes, it's a bit of a puzzle. It was fun to play in the editing room. I was never 100 per cent sure if what would happen would be perfectly clear, but I think it's pretty clear. And I did not know if that would make the end of their fight less dramatic, or if we let the air through, but I think it's really very good. This allows us to fill in the gaps of a dramatic moment and to see how these two chronologies we have been playing since episode 4 converge in some way in different ways. This allows us to show at the moment that in reality, the break that we tease is not Jimmy and Gretchen, but rather Jimmy and Edgar. We change the central relationship somehow, at least for a while, for them and for me, it's really satisfying. We realize it was not a mystery: "Are they going to get married?" It was a mystery: "Will Edgar be able to get out of Jimmy's orbit?" Which he desperately needed to do.[[[[Laughs]

You are the worst Edgar final seriesTVLINE | Yes, Edgar told Jimmy that he needed to find a way to get away from him. Why did you decide to separate this fundamental friendship in the end?
I wanted to bring happiness to the characters. I like the characters I wanted to show a forward and growing movement. And I think it's Edgar who needs it the most. Edgar has been trying to get away from Jimmy since season 1 and he has grown a lot. He entered his. But the last thing he had to do was get the push, get rocket boosters enough to get out of Jimmy's orbit. He was always sucked. I think he thought it was necessary to save Jimmy and Gretchen one from the other, but what he was doing, in fact, was breaking the relationship and making sure that Jimmy would do what Edgar could never do, and force him to leave Edgar. This is what allows him to survive and become a realized human being. Living with Jimmy, he was always going to be the damaged veteran, formerly a homeless freelancer, and always submissive, and always, formally, to a romantic comedian, a sidekick. By moving away, he has let himself take center stage.

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