Red Dead Online has appropriate story missions and moral dilemmas

By Kirk McKeand,
Tuesday, November 27, 2018 at 09:44 GMT

Red Dead Online is available today – check the exact schedules and deployment plans of this link – and leaks have officially begun.

The investigators looked at the code like truffle pigs and discovered some big details.

As you might expect, there is a mix of activities, but also a dedicated story that goes through it. It seems that you will spend a lot of time very early on doing missions for a man called Horley.

There will also be missions where you will have to make a moral choice and decide the fate of an NPC. According to the descriptions, this will affect your Honor rankings, as in the solo mode.

Here is a list of what has been discovered so far for the Red Dead Online campaign:

  • Very illegal and very immoral: Marshal Davies asked you to meet him near Van Horn. He is in the footsteps of Alfredo Montez and he wants to finish.
  • Honor among horse thieves: Horley suggested that you go to see Clay Davies, a horse thief, to learn the ins and outs of the horse-riding business.
  • If the hat fits …: Horley directed you to the Blackwater Police Chief in the Pike Basin. A crook and an outlaw is on the run. Whether justice is done or not depends on your honor.
  • Kerosene, tar and greed: Horley thought you should offer your services to Samson Finch near Dewberry Creek. The industry is in its sights. He has a job to do and an account to settle.
  • Kill them, each and every one: You have been told to meet Horley and Mrs. LeClerk south of Armadillo. The man who killed her husband could be arrested nearby.
  • Love and honor: Horley told you to call the Sheriff of Tumbleweed. A young woman was taken away by a gang of outlaws and her husband is worried. A moral decision will be necessary.

This list of missions, via IllogicalMods, may not be the complete list of launch quests, but it gives you an idea of ​​what to expect. It should also be remembered that this is a beta version and that Red Dead Online will grow and evolve over time, just as GTA Online has grown over the years to become what it is. now.

For a list of the modes of the beta version of Red Dead Online, check out our leaks page for now.

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