Red Dead Online is filled with piles of dead and burned horses


Screenshot: Reiax_KSA (Reddit)

Red Dead Online The players who jumped into the game yesterday and today have discovered something terrible and strange: piles of burned horse carcasses outside some cities, like Valentine. Many are surprised to find these stacks and this seems to be the result of a recently discovered duplication bug.

The first reports of this disturbing bug appeared Saturday night and since then through Reddit and Twitter, players shared pictures and stories of stacks of dead horses. Some players have reported the problem to Rockstar Twitter account of support.

Another player was surprised by the strange behavior of the stack. "You can not shoot dead, burnt dead horses, but if you shoot near them, they make loud noises," said a Reddit user on PS4 in an article titled "What is this Lovecraftian shit ".

Players seem to believe that the strange pile of corpses was created by a recently discovered duplication bug, which allowed them to catch a big fish, and then use a method involving their horse, a clone who fishes in their inventory. Some report that this bug may have been partially fixed through a hotfix or server-side update from Rockstar. Some players are heading to empty cities and a lack of NPCs appearing as a temporary solution to Rockstar. The idea is to disable spawns for pets and NPCs to prevent players from abusing any fooling problem.

But there is no confirmation that Rockstar Games has actually corrected or changed anything in Red Dead Online. I contacted Rockstar to update this post if I hear anything in return.

Although the bug seems to be more prevalent on PlayStation 4, some players are also reporting stacks of dead horses on Xbox One.

Horses are not just scary. In fact, they also cause performance issues, with many reporting gaps and frequent server disconnections. It's hard to say how much this is directly related to the fooled virus and dead horses, but it seems that RDO is less stable right now.

Something similar to what happened earlier this year after the players used a puck trick to protest against a RDO update they hated.

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