Red Dead Online is not wild enough in the West

Recently, Rockstar has added a set of new game modes in Red Dead Online. Which is good. The game lacks content and players need to do more. But these new modes are not the content Red Dead Online I really want to. These modes are sometimes good, but rarely RDO incredible and great virtual west. This seems like a missed opportunity.

If we look at the latest updates released by Rockstar since Red Dead Onlinewe see a list of new contents of decent size. The majority of this content consists of new confrontations, competitive PVP modes focused on murder and competition between players. These modes can sometimes be fun. I liked playing Target Races. But almost none of these modes gives the impression of being a radical wrestler in the western West. They feel more or less like modes that could easily have been eradicated from any other online multiplayer game.

Now in Red Dead Online defense, his predecessor, Red Dead Redemption, did not have a lot of fashions online with a very western theme. But this game has tried to give players more ways to feel as if they were a dangerous shooter.

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What they preferred, is how each game mode started with a Mexican showdown. Each player standing, the revolver, face to face, waiting for the moment to fire his gun and shoot someone before being shot or killed. Even the modes that were more standard confrontations felt improved by this magnificent confrontation. The Red Dead Redemption multiplayer also included liar and poker dice, allowing players to hit the room and play some cards after winning duels.

Red Dead Online missing these keys. Of course, I can explore the vast world on horseback and lace up some people. But as Rockstar adds more content, it seems that these modes could do more to tap into the fantasy of the Wild West. It's one of the most sumptuous and detailed worlds I've ever seen. It almost seems that this card and the period of the game are ignored by Rockstar in favor of the addition of Battle Royale and CTF modes. These modes are quite correct, but do not take advantage of this huge Western map or this period.

Interestingly, some of my favorite modes in Red Dead Online are horse racing. These modes feel different from the auto races found in GTA online. Manage the endurance of your horse, your health and control it made me feel like a cowboy idiot, until the moment somebody kicked me out of my horse.

However, most modes in RDO do not give me the same feeling and I hope that future updates will add other Western-inspired modes. Things that can only be done in Red Dead online. As a mode where players have to compete for cattle, steal a bank together or even let players meet in cities to compete for duels at noon.

Outside the PVP game modes, the world of Red Dead Online is full of interesting activities, some of which allow you to live the fantasy of life in the wild west. I especially like to protect or attack the stagecoaches of the players.

One of my favorite moments in Red Dead Online It was when I arrived in town and I wanted to do an activity that involved protecting a stagecoach while she was heading on the map. I found two other players in town and asked them if they wanted to help. We regrouped, started the trip and ended up talking about what we had done so far. Finally, we were attacked by a small band of rival players. We restrained them and brought the diligence to its location. At that time, while we were saying goodbye and leaving our country, I felt like the ultimate cowboy of Hollywood. I would like to feel that way more often.

Until now, after many updates, Red Dead Online does not become the game I hoped to become. Red Dead Redemption 2 is a slow game, filled with quiet moments. Red Dead Onlineon the contrary, feels more active and aggressive, and you rarely feel that you are really taking advantage of its unique setting or the extremely detailed world.

I hope that the next years of Red Dead Online the updates do not just keep adding PVP modes and clothes. I really want to lose myself in the West and not just get hit in the head in a death match.

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