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Red Dead Online Players Hate My Hayseed Belgian Draft Horse

Red Dead Online, a bit like Red Dead Redemption 2, gives the player a horse as the main means of traveling around the world. In Red Dead Online, your horse can not die and players carefully weigh the pros and cons of each horse for each competitive task, unless you are me. In this case, I have just chosen a giant horse and all my friends hate it. Meet Hayseed, my faithful friend.

My first two horses were a skinny gray stallion named Wild Eye and a special edition PS4 chestnut horse named Duchess. Wild Eye was basic and everyone used the chestnut horse; I wanted to be special. Is the goal of a shared gaming world not to express your individuality?

No one else is using the big Belgian draft horse, and it turns out that it's because it sucks.

Hayseed's statistics are inferior to those of most other horses. His long-term endurance is rubbish, he has a definite curve and in a direct sprint he will lose to most racehorses. The hay seed has an advantage, and it's a powerful one: it's so big that I can use it as a brick wall.

Red Dead Online - a player's horse in front of a store in Saint-Denis

People, the horse has anxiety.
Rockstar Games via Polygon

In the race, I am often in the top three by using Hayseed as a physical barrier. Elegant horses with slender mounts smash Hayseed while I continue at my relaxed pace. When players are forced to smother the points and all the horses jostle, Hayseed is the shore on which loose and loose waves break. Once, a guy was openly making fun of voice chat: "Who brings a Belgian into a race?" I do it. I knocked that guy over a fence with Hayseed's powerful hips.

Not only does it act as a barrier, but I use Hayseed as a weapon of war. I have specialized my character to take all the benefits related to horse damage. It's largely redundant, because I just charge people and trample them under Hayseed's mighty hoofs.

Despite all this, Hayseed is a friend. Look at those beautiful, placid eyes. Hayseed is just a big boy who knows no better, and he needs to be protected.

Unfortunately, my group does not agree with me. I catch them throwing molotov at Hayseed while he's frolicking in a field. Once, I rode my horse to pick up my good friend Matt, and his brother Jake jumped on Hayseed's back, burst into a happy laugh and immediately fired Hayseed off the nearest cliff. To Jake's horror as he died on the jagged rocks, Hayseed survived the fall and stood up. I gave him oatmeal cakes, brushed his beautiful mane and whispered an apology to him in the ear.

I like Hayseed.

Red Dead Online - a player is preparing for a race

A good horse! A horse with multiple talents!
Rockstar Games via Polygon

If you ask my friends, Hayseed is the aggressor. I'll admit: part of this is on me. I sometimes forget that I have to brake by hand, so I often get in touch with Hayseed. Even when the friendly fire is out, Hayseed's mass overturns them and they have to get back on their feet. Sometimes, when they get up, I accidentally knock them over. Sometimes they die. Does this count ethically as a murder? That's Hayseed's fault? Who can really say?

Also, since Hayseed is my trusted friend and confidant, I try to get him into every quest area and every donor house. This enrages Jake, who is still half in the character, regularly takes pictures and asks for a total immersion. On more than one occasion, Jake turned around after accepting a quest, but he saw Hayseed's giant head making his way through the door or the cabin door and I heard him screaming in a conversation voice.

I asked my friends to comment on this article and they were brief. Matt simply wrote, "Hayseed is not a friend. He is a sin. "Jake stopped thoughtfully on the cat before saying," Hayseed is a mistake and a burden. Another friend, Aron, intervened: "Hayseed is obviously fed with some sort of performance enhancing substance, so it's not unreasonable to exile him and his owner in the more remote northern snow-covered areas. . "

Horses are companions. There is a reason why one of the first elements of downloadable content was the armor of your horse in The Elder Scrolls 4: Forgetting. The world of Red Dead Online can sometimes seem a little quiet and a bit empty. Playing with my group has proven to be a fantastic social experience, and the stories we create together are part of it. Sometimes these stories come from fighting with other posses and stagecoach flights in the far reaches of the West.

And sometimes these stories come from me accidentally trampling my friend with Hayseed, my tall, handsome horse. Please, ignore the cries of agony coming from these people. That's good, you can trust Hayseed.

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