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Red Sox Facing "Family Emergency" – Boston Herald

FORT MYERS, Florida – In a morning news conference on Wednesday, Alex Cora, visibly shaken, said his team was facing a "family emergency" from one of its players, but declined to provide further details .

"It's painful, it's hard, it's something I know it's part of because it's life," said Cora. "I said it last week. It's not about what's happening on the ground. It's the other thing that's going on and we'll have great days, then difficult days, but in the end, we'll care about each other. We turn the page on what is happening on the ground and we are very close. Were very close. This is a special group. They are very special. They are very close and they spend time together and yes, everything will be fine, we know it. It puts everything in perspective. It's just a game. Yes, it's a tough day, it's a tough day. "

Cora spoke of "last week" when Nick Cafardo, long-time writer of the Boston Globe Red Sox, died suddenly at the camp.

"We went through Nick and now we are – it's not easy," said Cora. "Honestly, just start thinking about the same things I said last week, the same feelings today The same feelings."

Cora had trouble explaining the tragedies that ensued. But he tried.

"I will never question the plans of God, I will never question it, but at the same time, you sometimes think like" Why? "Said Cora." Not in the sense of questioning his plan, but "Why is this happening?" You see what I mean. That's part of the equation. It's part of the job. One thing is certain, the property provides valuable support to everyone in the family room. We are in the same boat. We can say all clichés, we are a family. But we are. We care about each other. We pay attention to what happens to families and children and everything. That sucks. But that's part of it, and we're here for each other. "

Before the Red Sox announcement, pitcher David Price tweeted: "Thanks to triumph, tragedy and grief, this team / organization remains supportive!"

The Red Sox had told the media 12 minutes before the opening time at 8 am that the clubhouse "will not be open to the media this morning," and that details will be provided soon.

This story will be updated.

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