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Reds win 6-5 win over Cubs in extra round on Yasiel Puig's big hit

Honorary star of the Joe Nuxhall Memorial

Eugenio Suarez was the only real rock in the midst of the tough Cincinnati Reds lineup, and he appeared again against the Chicago Cubs on Wednesday night.

Trailed by a pair at the bottom of the eighth, Joe Maddon went right Carl Edwards, Jr. while he was playing with a knife against the Cincinnati formation, and Suarez quickly rocked the socks of a meatball, the crushing over the RF barrier. Dong 2 points that tied the game late, 5-5. Considering he had added a previous RBI double, it was undoubtedly the biggest decisive performance of the Reds at a party where a loss would have left 9.5 behind the Cubs in the controversial NL Central. Not to mention that he later added another crucial double in the bottom of the 10th that allowed the inning to win on 3B.

Honorable mentions must be awarded to: Jose Iglesias, who scored a solo double and added a double of his own score; Nick Senzel, who scored twice, stole two goals and scored one point; Robert Stephenson, who stoked a pair in another round of goal-free relief; Eugenio Suarez, who has doubled in one race; Derek Dietrich, who distinguished, doubled and scored; Yasiel Puig, who dismissed his previous 3K for the winning hit; and Amir Garrett, who saved the Reds with a few more runners in the top of the 10th.

Key Games

  • Senzel started the Top of the 1st with a simple CF and quickly traded the 2B. That put him in the goal position for Suarez's double in the RBI, and the Reds quickly took the lead 1-0 against Yu Darvish.
  • But that advance evaporated quickly, with Albert Almora claiming the top of 2nd and scoring when Addison Russell scored a finish point later over the CF wall. Trailed reds, 2-1.
  • Speaking of crushed Baileys, Almora got one of his solos in the Top of the 4th, a 391-foot explosion in the LF seats that left the Reds behind, 3-1.
  • The Reds scored a point in the bottom of the 4th, while Derek Dietrich scored a single at 2 outings and Iglesias followed with another #clutch hit, a doubled in RF gap that brought DD to go around. Trailed reds, 3-2.
  • An error bit the Reds at the bottom of the 7th, while Iglesias' shot was 1B wide on Russell's centerball "single" in the center, which led to 2B on the bottom of the hole. withdrawal. A productive circuit and bag would fly off later, and the Reds were down, 4-2.
  • Iggy at least found that ball in the bottom of the 7th goal, while he had destroyed a meatball Brandon Kintzler for a solo shot on the wall, center-left. The reds trailed, 4-3.
  • Unfortunately, Kyle Schwarber scored another point for the Cubs at the top of 8th position, as he escaped from a quick shot by David Hernandez for a solo shot giving Chicago a 5-3 lead.
  • A rally was still in the plans for the Reds, however. Joey Votto fought a LOOGY for the single laser in CF to open the bottom of the 8th goal. Suarez then followed with his two-point shot to tie at 5-5.
  • Votto persuaded Brad Brach to walk in the bottom of the 10th, and he went to 3B on the double of Suarez. Jesse Winker was then intentionally engaged to charge the goals with an exit and set up a potential double play, which brought Puig to the plate. All he did was crush a laser against the wall in the CF which earned him a hassle free pass, and the Reds won 6 to 5.

Tony Graphanino

Other notes

  • Sonny Gray was bitten by a pair of long balls, but he also did not throw too much, too badly when he came out. His last line: 5 IP, 5 H, 3 ER, 0 BB, 7 K on 88 locations. At least he solved the displacement problems he had encountered in his previous game against Oakland.

  • Jesse Winker was sent home to end the bottom of the 6th round of Dietrich's double in the RF corner. Replay showed that he had taken no less than six steps to finally get home after the catcher had already caught the throw at home. It's so, so bad.

  • Luis Castillo will face the Cubans in the final of the series on Thursday, and southpaw Jose Quintana will oppose him as a starter. I guess the starter on the left will mean that we will not see what will become the Reds' "regular" lineup again, and that we will have instead a dose of Jose Peraza, Curt Casali and Kyle Farmer. Even though it's a day of escape for the Cubs, it's still 6:40 pm ET, so plan accordingly.

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