Referees and parents react to Mike McCarthy's criticism


The referees and parents are responding to the attitude of former Packers head coach Mike McCarthy, who is taking charge of his son's basketball referees.

According to referee Jack Fleming, at the St. Mary's Schools and Salam basketball match at Hales Corners on Thursday, parents argue more often than in the past with referees.

"It's happening more now than when I started refereeing years ago," Fleming said.

And the age of the players does not seem to matter.

"It happens more often than you would like in young people and in high school," Fleming said.

Parents say that they see others getting involved a little too much on the occasion.

"We try to keep our cool and bite the bullet for the most part," said Charity Bektesi.

Kevin Griffin says that he sees this happening during games and that parents need to be a better example for kids.

"It is important that you understand that it is for children and that it is important that they grow up and that they become responsible individuals as they grow up", did he declare.

Referee Fleming said that when he had heard about the incident involving McCarthy, he hoped that someone who had so much experience would know it better.

"One would think that someone who did it for a living and who deals with the officials every week will understand it in some cases, there are situations in which calls are missed or calls are made against him." Team is part of the game, "he said.

Mike McCarthy is excused for criticizing the arbitrator.

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