Registrations and loot change with a new update this week


For military shooters where the acquisition of new weapons and equipment is an important motivation for long-term play, it is absolutely essential to understand how the loot works. But many, like games such as Destiny, BioWare and the EA anthem have struggled to get rid of this. Today, less than a week after its official launch (and about two since its anticipated launch), BioWare has announced plans for major revisions to loot. In a long post on Reddit, the studio summarized the comments he received from the community, as well as what an upcoming update will do about them.

BioWare has identified a few things to remember from its first week. Players have the feeling that the inscriptions are too random and useless for the object to which they are attached, which leads to repeatedly searching for different works of art to find one with a corresponding inscription. This has led to requests for more masterpiece drops, or more useful listings.

In response, the studio plans to do both. In an update scheduled for February 28 or March 1, listings on the items will better reflect the items they are lit and the masterpieces will come easier. The best listings will only apply to newly found objects, not those already in your vault. The materials of making a masterpiece will reduce 25 to 15 embers, which will allow players to make them more easily. Finally, the unusual (white) and common (green) drops will be completely removed from the level 30 drop tables.

Overall, these changes seem to be aimed at getting players to recover loot more quickly and easily. This should help alleviate one of the most widespread grievances about gambling, that getting the best possible equipment after the match can turn into a difficult task. Just a week after its launch, it also shows that BioWare is willing to be agile enough with its updates. You can see the full developer plan below; the studio also shared its roadmap for new content during the first 90 days of the game. It includes new freeplay events, missions, cosmetics, quality of life improvements, a fortress and, in May, a big event called The Catalyst.

BioWare's version of the shooter has received mixed reviews on GameSpot's partner site, Metacritic, and in our own review of Anthem.

"Anthem has good ideas, but he has a lot of trouble running, it's a cooperative game that works best without anyone talking, hides really interesting character moments, and puts his story in the foreground." more incomprehensible, his fight is exciting you will go to boss fights and you will find that your wings have been cut, "wrote critic Kallie Plagge. "Even the simple and exhilarating flight is frequently interrupted by the limitations of your javelin, and you never shake that feeling of disappointment – to know, in the good parts of Hymn, that you will inevitably crush you."

If you're just getting started, check out our essential tips and consider playing solo. Or, if you have not bought a copy yet, the price drops on PS4.

Anthem patch notes

Summary of Player Comments:

  • Many listings are not useful to the article to which they are attached
  • For this reason, players must have many masterpieces of the same object to find a "good one".
  • Players want the frequency of masterpiece declines to increase to help with the above OR …
  • They want us to change the workings of masterpiece listings to make them more "useful".

Plan for the changes to go live on February 28 or March 1 (US Central Time)

  • Registrations are now better for items on which they are placed
    • This applies to new items earned in the anthem (those that do not exist in your vault)
    • If an inscription applies only to the element on which it is located (gear icon), it will be useful for that element. Otherwise, the registration will provide a considerable advantage for the javelin
    • For example, an assault rifle will not have an object specific inscription + gun damage. It can have a wide inscription of electric damage combination (cool for a flash construction)
    • Some additional information below
  • Removing Uncommon (White) and Common (Green) Items from Level 30 Reduction Tables
    • It was a very requested change and we agree, so that's it.
  • Reduction of materials needed to create a masterpiece of 25 to 15 embers
    • As you recover or harvest, you should be able to create more artwork to get the listings you are looking for.
    • Now that the entries are more relevant to their purpose, this should give players better results.

Additional registration change details

  • Current: There is a large pool of registration options available for articles, registration pools are generic (for example, Weapons).
    • Each masterpiece has 4 entries – Major Primary, Primary Minor, Secondary Major, Minor Minor
  • Modification: Each element type now has a specific set of registration options for each of their registration groups. The pools are smaller and target the type of specific item
    • For example. there was a pool of weapons, now there is a pool of assault rifles and the pool of assault rifles has 4 pools for each of the types of registration listed above
    • Primary registrations focus on damage or survivability
      • Any item-specific registration (gear icon) will always benefit from the item on which it is located.
      • Wide javelin inscriptions (costume icon) will benefit damage or survival all over the javelin
    • Secondary registrations are focused on utility and can target the object (gear icon) or the entire javelin (costume icon).
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