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Regular-toothed Rami Malek is probably your next villain (by the way, Billy Magnussen, why not?)

That's what an Oscar will win.

Hi! I am neither Phil nor Jof. As such, I have no authority to talk to you about James Bond movies. But guess what, I do it anyway!

According to Collider, regardless of the name of the upcoming Bond movie (some think it's going to be called Shatterhand, which is zero if you ask me because it means that Bond can not even hit properly), he may already have his bad guy. They claim that Freddy Mercury's imitator, Rami Malek, is in final negotiations to play this role.

Again, I'm not qualified to talk to you about it. Nevertheless, I have some thoughts. Whatever the age of the actors who play Daniel Craig's villains so far, Rami Malek will be the first to appear Young. I guess that interests me a little bit. Secondly, I also imagine that Bond will hit his villain at some point (even if it breaks his wrenching hand) and after Bohemian Rhapsody and his total lack of respect towards "I'm in love with my car", I do not mind watching this happen to one of his stars. Thirdly, Malek has already played the tooth card, he knows how to let them play a character for him and many of Bond's big bad guys are equipped with interesting physical characteristics like this one. There is a rumor that the character would be blind, however, and as long as he plays a blind guy who refuses to wear dark glasses, I think this could be the next evolution of the Rami actor's game. Malek.

I'm not qualified to tell you that, but things are going to start arriving quickly in the world of bonds. So get ready. I do not know anything about Bond, but since this is the last time Craig plays the role, let's hope that he'll be out on a note far superior to that of Spectrum who, and please do not ignore my ignorance about it, sucked.

(two minutes pass)

Oh shit. Looks like we have not finished with Bond news yet. According to Variety, Billy Magnussen will probably be there. They claim that he will play the role of a CIA agent who helps Bond, a bit like Felix Leiter (though at Variety, they do not seem to know Felix Leiter's name, not like real Bond fans like me, Phil and Jof). For those who do not know Billy Magnussen, it looks like this:

I do not like Billy Magnussen at all, that's how I immediately call him a nasty bastard. Again, I have no link qualifications. I call him as I see him. I promise we will soon have a real professional.

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