Release date announced for the first new weapon Apex Legends |

Apex Legends has been out for just over two weeks and the first new weapon is already on the way, with Respawn announcing the release of the weapon on February 20th.

We knew that new weapons would be coming to Apex Legends in the first season, which should begin in March, but Respawn was silent about when the first new weapon will be added to the game.

This silence came to an end when the images and the release date of the first weapon were announced on February 19th at the Twitch Rivals Apex Legends Tournament.

Although no official name has been given for the weapon, the Respawn tweet gives a good clue to what we will see once the rifle put into service on February 20th.

On February 15, two new weapons were unveiled in a leak. One of them was an energy rifle dubbed HAVOC, which inscribed in line with the lines "Prepare to cry" from the tweet.

According to the leak, the HAVOC will use two fire modes: an automatic mode with 672 strokes per minute and a simple mode with 102 strokes per minute.

The HAVOC rifle seems to pack quite fist.

It is unclear when this weapon will be operational, except Wednesday, February 20th.

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