Remake of the shooter "XIII" of 2003 scheduled for November 13


Alongside Suda51 Killer 7, The shooting game of Southend Interactive in 2003 XIII is probably one of the least orthodox and stylistic shooters to stand out from the console market of this generation. And like Killer 7It is now the subject of a remake, courtesy of the publisher Microids and the developer PlayMagic.

Scheduled for digital and physical release on November 13 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch and PC, the game presents you as "Thirteen", a talented soldier (voiced by David Duchovny) who has lost his memory and is accused of 39, killing the President of the United States. You wake up wounded and amnesic on Brighton Beach. The only clue is a small key and a mysterious "XIII" tattoo next to your collarbone. It's now up to you to search for answers.

According to PlayMagic's CEO and Creative Director, Giuseppe Crugliano, the game will undergo a total overhaul, ranging from graphics, sound, animations, and game mechanics to "modernize the experience to reflect the game's complexity." original spirit of the game. "

"We naturally revisited this game because we felt that this kind of unique story-based FPS experience was missing in today's gaming landscape," said François Coulon, head of production at Microids. "Our goal is to bring XIIIThe captivating story of a new generation of players with the best graphics and animations possible. "

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