Remastered Castle Crashers Strikes September 17


Remember this old XP exploit? Good time!

Behemoth launch a game on a Nintendo platform? It's already happened, and soon, it's going to happen again. Castle Crashers Remastered is linked to Switch on September 17th, with a PS4 version also coming soon.

It is wild to think that the beloved freelance band was released more than a decade ago. so do not do it!

With this remastered form, we get everything you expect: 60 frames per second, higher resolution textures, and all the characters, orbs, and bonus weapons (which are simply unlockable in the game as opposed to the DLC). On Switch, you can replace four different Joy-Con and your group is ready to go.

The appeal of portability is too alluring. And for many of you, it's probably been a long time since you've played. Castle Crashers Remastered costs $ 15 a price I think a lot will be willing to pay.

I would not expect it, but in case someone hopes for a good surprise, there will be no multiplatform multiplayer mode. "This is not something we have in our plans," according to The Behemoth.

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