Remembering Super Mario 3D Land, the oft-forgotten predecessor to 3D World – Feature


Super Mario 3D Land© Nintendo

You don’t need me to tell you how difficult 2020 has been, but for devoted Super Mario fans, there was a little comfort to be found. After months of rumors, Nintendo celebrated the series’ 35th anniversary in a dramatic fashion and that resulted in no content ending. Even before that, Super Mario Maker 2 got a huge update in April that added a World Maker, and 3D stars brought us 64, Sunshine and Galaxy on the switch in a single package. Heck, we even have a battle royale game in Super Mario Bros. 35 for some reason, and that doesn’t even consider spin-off games.

Even though the last two games are supposedly available only until March 31 – a fact that has not ended in controversy – the celebrations are not over yet. As the fans continued to think Galaxy 2 exclusion of 3D All-Stars (something we have some theories on), Super Mario 3D World + Bowser Fury will release on Switch next month, joining this ever-expanding lineup of Wii U ports. In the midst of these anniversary plans, most 3D entries are getting a renewed love from Nintendo, but 3D World’s predecessor was left a bit in the dark, and it scored relatively low in our poll of which remasters you’d like to see on Switch in June. Last year. For many players, it seems like it’s barely recorded.

For those who might not follow each pouring into the plumber’s barrel, this game was Super Mario 3D Land, a curious entry in the history of Super Mario which was launched on 3DS in 2011. Taking its name from the Super Mario Land sub-series, 3D Land became the first original 3D Super Mario game for a portable console (excluding the DS 64 remake), retaining the core gameplay with a classic twist.

Alongside Galaxy 2, it’s also one of the last 3D entries that hasn’t made it to Switch so far. Sure, 3D Land was mentioned during the 35th Anniversary cut, which is more than what our space sequel got, but this exclusion drew far less attention from dedicated fans. We would say this is a game worth revisiting on Switch, as it is simply one of a kind.

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