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Report: CBSA Rocky cancels July concerts due to arrest

It seems that the legal fate of A $ AP Rocky has cost him several dates.

S addressing the organizers of the Sónar festival today (July 10), the director of the rapper said that the Harlem rapper would be forced to cancel his last European concerts due to his arrest on July 1 for suspicion of aggression.

"A $ AP Rocky is being held in a Swedish jail indefinitely for acting in self-defense during an altercation," said Rocky's representative, referring to the fight Rocky had waged after an altercation with two men 30. "Due to this unfortunate situation, he is forced to cancel the dates of his European festival and tour in July."

This news comes two days after it was announced that Rocky's appeal request had been rejected by the Swedish Supreme Court. Rocky is being held by the Swedish authorities because they think it represents a risk of flight and, although Rocky's lawyer disagrees with the assessment, the Supreme Court has finally agreed and found no reason to re-examine the case.

Rocky is currently on the verge of being locked up for at least the next two weeks. At the end of this period, a new hearing will be held to determine if he will be released before the start of his trial.

See the announcement of Rocky's concert dates in the Instagram post below.

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