Report: EA paid a million dollars to Ninja to play Apex Legends, as well as the paid shroud


Credit: Eric Ananmalay / ESPAT Media

Although this should not be a surprise, the price they sent to Ninja should. According to the report, the popular streamer received a payment of $ 1 million to play the popular royal battle. Yes, you read correctly: $ 1,000,000 was paid to Ninja to spread by playing Apex Legends.

Although the Reuters source claims that the shroud was also paid for, which his # tweets confirm among other statements of himself, they did not reveal how much he had been paid.

Two of the most popular streamers on Twitch and having exceeded 100,000 subscribers by one point, it is not surprising that they were sought after for their influence in space and this certainly resulted in a large influx of players.

According to Reuters, "the representatives of EA and Ninja refused to say how much he had been paid."

With the growing reach and power of influencers, this begs the question: how far will it go and is it worth it? At this point, it seems that companies are betting that's the case.

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