Report: Hulu will not be available via the enhanced TV application, Apple still retains the details of its partners


Before the launch of Apple's streaming video Monday, CNBC publishes a report on some last-minute details of the service. According to the report, Apple's enhanced TV app will not support the Hulu subscription. In addition, CNBC reiterates that some Apple content will be available for free for Apple device users, and adds that Apple still does not disclose details to its partners.

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In addition to its own original content, Apple is expected to announce an enhanced TV application allowing users to sign up for third-party streaming services. Until now, Apple has signed agreements with Starz, Showtime, CBS, Viacom, HBO and others. However, Hulu has not signed up to be available through Apple's subscription plan service.

According to previous reports, Apple would offer discounts when users bundle multiple services. This means that users can subscribe to a Starz and Showtime "package" via the TV application at a lower price than the individual subscription.

Today's report, however, indicates that even Apple's partners do not know the details of this service:

Apple has been so secretive about its bundling plans that many of the key players in its "channel" product do not know how it plans to bundle the services and what it plans to charge, according to familiar people.

But Hulu is not alone in resisting Apple's plans. Netflix confirmed at the beginning of the week that its content would not be available via the Apple service, preferring to host all of its content via its own application.

Currently, Hulu integrates with the TV application, allowing users to take advantage of features such as "Up Next". Today's report simply states that users will not be able to subscribe to Hulu via the TV app as a service.

CNBC also reports that Apple is steadfast in wanting a 30% reduction in subscriptions via the TV app. Currently, Apple takes 30% of recurring subscriptions for the first year, then 15% after that. It is unclear whether this configuration will continue for subscriptions created through the TV application.

Apple has called for a 30% discount on all non-standard video subscribers through its streaming service, CNBC said. At present, Apple is reducing by 15% its revenue from customers who subscribe to HBO Now, Netflix and other streaming applications via the App Store.

Finally, today's report reaffirms that Apple plans to make "some" of its original content available to device owners free of charge. This has already been reported, but it is unclear how much Apple will charge for accessing its entire content library.

Apple's extended video streaming plans are expected to be announced next Monday at Steve Jobs Theater – and 9to5Mac will be present.

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