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Reports: Generalized Technology Failure Affecting Target Stores

Updated: 13:42 | Posted: 1:20 pm.

Social media reports that Target stores could suffer a major technology outage this afternoon.

Twitter and other platforms customers said the registries stopped working during lunchtime, which prevented shoppers from paying for their items.

The company responded to customer complaints about the outage at 1:18 pm Saturday.

"We are aware of a system problem in store and are working as fast as possible to solve this problem.Thank you for your patience!" the company said.

Shoppers indicated that employees had distributed snacks and beverages to people waiting in the offline records.

Headquarters staff did not respond immediately to Minnesota Public Radio's inquiries about the outage, although staff at MPR News confirmed the failure at Richfield's Target store. There is no indication of when the service can be reinstated.

Target has already suffered from technological problems. The Minnesota-based retail chain suffered a severe technological breach during the rush of the Christmas holidays in 2013, when hackers broke into the company's network and accessed 110 million card accounts. deemed credit and debit used in stores. Computer experts said the hackers had apparently benefited from the access of a supplier of refrigeration systems to the company's network.

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