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Mark Hollis, known for being the lead singer and co-founder of the English post-rock company Talk Talk, was reportedly killed at 64. NME and many other outlets.

Talk Talk was created in 1981 by Hollis, Lee Harris and Paul Webb. Notable Talk Talk singles include "It's My Life," "Talk Talk," "Dum Dum Girl," and "Such a Shame."

After the band's official dissolution in the early 1990s, Hollis began his solo career in 1998 with the release of his first self-titled solo album. Hollis then retired from the music industry.

Hollis' representatives have yet to confirm the information on his death, but social media is full of tributes to the musician, including post-punks English The The, author Anthony Costello and the director of the Talk Talk Tim Pope video clip, not to mention Webb playing solo like Rustin Man).

We will update this message with additional information as soon as it is available. Meanwhile, see the Hollis star in Talk Talk's "C'est ma vie" video below.

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