RepRap – The 3d Viral printer


I traveled to Elkhart, Indiana to get more information about the open source 3D printing movement called RepRap. I've interviewed the leading developers and users of the technology, as well as the kids who are growing up with technology.

I would like to thank the following people for letting me interview them:

Gerrit Coetzee –
Johnny Russell –
Sonny Mounicou – (os1r1s)
Alex and Jacob Franke –
Josef Prusa –

In addition to the people who allowed me to film and interview them, I would like to thank:

Jeff McAlvay works on Board Forge with people from across the country.
Visit for more information.

RepRap IRC:



14 thoughts on “RepRap – The 3d Viral printer”

  1. I've got to get one of these printers! The applications in the automotive modification field alone makes it worth it. Many times I find myself wanting a part that's either too expensive or not available, so this will make my car tinkering so much better!

  2. Great video. Im going to share this around. I moderate a 3D printing forum. Trying to spread reprap and this is perfect for making a few points I've been struggling to get across.

    Subbed and thanks

  3. Radcnc, thanks for bringing this to my attention. I have updated the description. I agree, Johnny is freaking amazing! And I've been using Ultimachine PLA since they started selling it!

  4. I agree with XT, great video, but in your description you did not mention Johnny Russell, or ultimachine. He is a pleasure to do biz with, and one of the most informed.

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