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Representative Elliott responds to official complaint from Vegas

The Dallas Cowboys can certainly be in the center of a projector in daylight. While the wait for the upcoming season continues to grow, Ezekiel Elliott is again in the news, his incident in Las Vegas does not seem to disappear.

Meanwhile, Jourdan Lewis breaks down what he saw against Saints who led to the biggest game of his career. We learn how much the NFL has done in 2018 and even those former players who spend a quiet weekend of golf are in the news. Check all of this below.

Once the NFL decided that the public apology would represent the size of the sentence imposed on Ezekiel Elliott, the alleged victim acknowledged the misconduct and ran. On Saturday, it was revealed that after stating that all he wanted was a sincere apology from Elliott, he decided to file a complaint and decided to lay charges for the incident. may.

While the police department must now decide whether or not to formally file a complaint after filing a criminal complaint, Elliott's lawyers said Kyle Johnson's motives were very clear in recent weeks. He allegedly had a pay day.

"In recent weeks, Mr. Elliott has been the target of extortion," lawyers Scott Rosenblum and Jason Lampert said in a statement. "The filing by Kyle Johnson of a criminal complaint against Mr. Elliott regarding the Las Vegas incident is the latest attempt in this direction. Mr. Elliott and his team are in contact with all relevant authorities and cooperate fully with them in their investigations. "

Examining the team's ranking by the DVOA (defense-adjusted value) for the 2018 season, we learn that the Cowboys' defense is one of the few examples of teams that have done the same thing, either to pressure or to stay back, contrary to the belief that the pressure at the time of transition to the new age is more important than coverage.

Green Packers' recent earnings reports of $ 724,000 during the year shed light on the revenue earned by the league in 2018.

Why is it important for Cowboys? The Packers are the only public team in the NFL. They are therefore the only annual overview of the league's performance. Green Bay's profits declined due to the increase, but their league revenue was more than $ 477 million. That means every team in the league has done the same, increasing NFL earnings in 2018 to more than $ 15 billion by 2018.

This income is a big part of the formula that determines the salary cap of each season.

In the second phase of the American Century Championship's celebrity golf tournament, a familiar face is at the top of the table: Tony Romo. Playing at Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course in Stateline, Nevada, Romo is looking to win two consecutive wins at the tournament. DeMarcus Ware, John Smoltz, Bobby Flay, Kyle Lowry, Aaron Rodgers and Steph Curry, who led the routes of the former QB Cowboys, also feature in this year's program.

Surprisingly, this has gone better than his basketball feats.

So, how did Romo do in turn 2? He tied his score Friday, finishing two under par and increasing his lead on the eve of the last day of the tournament.

As the NBA went from triplets to two duets, NFL.com took a critical look at how the trios dominate the defensive side of the ball. Bucky Brooks of NFL.com ranked the Dallas Cowboys 2nd in the standings with the emergence of young linebackers Leighton Vander Esch and Jaylon Smith, paired with defender Demarcus Lawrence's dominance. They are a formidable trio that could lead the NFL in 2019.

The major disadvantage here is that a trio must probably involve at least one secondary player, which seems to be the engine of the elite defense system.

Kyle Crabbs continues the series with the most elite apparatus and their skills that allow them to dominate their position. By combining five distinct abilities of the best players at their respective positions, a perfect player is created.

A perfect left tackle would have a length / extension that, according to Tyron Smith's standards, includes a 36-inch arm span. This creates nightmares for opposing defenders and allows him to dominate at the point of contact. In good health, Smith is considered one of the best at his position.

Listen directly to the source when Lewis breaks down one of the Cowboys' flagship games of the 2018 season. From the way he prepared for his mission to cover New Orleans' RB Alvin Kamara to what he saw before the breakdown, Lewis sits down with Bryan Broaddus to explain how it all went. .

Sleepers, whether fantastic or in the field, often have a considerable impact on the results obtained during a season. Bleacher Report tries to identify the potential sleeper of each team, as a person who can be born from the dark to influence the player.

For Dallas, it's DE Dorance Armstrong, a sophomore and former fourth-round pick. It has generated a lot of enthusiasm for OTAs and may be able to offer quality shots for a deep offensive line, especially early in the season.

"Lawrence will start the training camp on the list of physically incapacitated people to perform which will allow the reserves to handle the representatives of the first unit this summer. The Cowboys expect the Double Pro Bowler to return to Week 1, but injuries can tip things in terms of recovery time.

Dorance Armstrong was flexible during a live training session that reminded spectators of her impressive off-season last year. . . Armstrong had 15.5 sacks in three seasons in Kansas, but only 273 on defense last year. The coaching staff could add to his workload if he flashes at training camp. "

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