Representative Liz Cheney accuses Democrats of the House of having "activated" anti-Semitic comments


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By Ben Kamisar

WASHINGTON – Rep. Liz Cheney, of R-Wyo., On Sunday accused Democrats of "allowing" anti-Semitism not to explicitly condemn recent comments by a new Minnesota Democrat Republican Ilhan Omar, in a recent congressional vote.

Cheney, the third leader of the GOP in the House, commented in an interview given at the "press meeting" after the general condemnation by anti-Semitism of anti-Semitism, of the anti-Semitism of the GOP. Islamophobia and other acts of hatred. Cheney and other Republicans blamed this resolution for not directly singling out Omar.

"It was really an obvious effort to protect Ilhan Omar, to hide his fanaticism and his anti-Semitism by refusing to name him," said Cheney, who helped lead the charge in his own party to dismiss the representative Steve King, R-Iowa, House Committees after his own inflammatory racist statements.

"It is absolutely shameful that Nancy Pelosi, the leader Hoyer and the Democratic leaders are not refusing to speak out in a resolution, condemning it or withdrawing it from the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House," Cheney said. . Do not condemn him are allow him. "

Cheney's remarks come after a week in which the debate over Omar's comments revealed deep divisions within the Democratic caucus.

Democrats in the House first agreed to vote on a bill explicitly condemning anti-Semitism after Omar challenged the influence "in the influence of this country that says it's okay to press for allegiance to a foreign country "by referring to Israel. bipartisan choir for having revived the antisemitic trope according to which the Jews have a double loyalty.

The House had already voted last month to specifically condemn antisemitism in response to Omar 's other comments.

But Omar's advocates in the caucus, especially the progressives, rejected the bill and said the House must also tackle other hate crimes, particularly after the implementation of the bill. place a poster in the West Virginia Capitol linking Omar to the September 11 attacks.

They wondered if Omar was unfair because of his religion – she is Muslim – and asserted that Republicans were hypocrites because they were more opposed to the comments of the first member of Congress than to those who of President Donald Trump's scene, particularly his statement that the responsibility for the death of a counter-protester during a Virginia White Nationalist march in 2017 should be placed "on both sides" and that it would be a good thing. there were "good people" among the protesters.

Cheney is associated with 22 other Republicans to vote against the resolution, saying that if she opposed any hatred, the resolution was too divorced from the specific controversy sparked by Omar's comments.

Omar defended his comment earlier this month, saying that opposing the policies of the current Israeli government "is not the same thing as being anti-Semitic" and that it apologized for its controversial previous comments.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told reporters Thursday that she was convinced that Omar's words were "not based on an anti-Semitic attitude, but she did not understand really how they had landed on other cultural impact that could have been unknown. "

Asked about democratic divisions, Ohio Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown explained how Republicans reacted to the president.

"President Trump continues to betray workers and utters anti-Semitic and racist rhetoric, and no one in their party calls him," he said in a separate interview with "Meet the Press."

"They do not have divisions. They all followed his racist actions and his betrayal of the workers – they follow him like lemmings on the cliff. "

Cheney did not directly answer the question of whether Trump had done enough to combat hatred and anti-Semitism, saying, "I do not think it's right or left. I think this is an issue where we should all get together. "

"We know what happens when people stay silent and each of us has to oppose it at any time," she said.

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