Resident Evil 2 Remake DLC Ghost survivors are now available


Capcom released the DLC Ghost Survivors for the remake of Resident Evil 2. The extension is free and available for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Just like the 4th Survivor mode, The Ghost Survivors focuses on other characters with whom you have never encountered interaction in the adventure of Leon and Claire in the Raccoon City Police Station. . However, unlike the fourth survivor, the security services agent Umbrella Hunk, these three additional characters are not supposed to survive the outbreak of zombies. In fact, some experienced their loss before the events of the game, because you can discover their fate in the Resident Evil 2 campaign.

The first story, titled No Time To Mourn, is of interest to Robert Kendo. Robert is the owner of Gun Shop Kendo, who leaves with a small arsenal to brave the streets of Raccoon City, filled with a new kind of poisoned zombie, looking for a way to escape . The second story, Runaway, follows Katherine Warren. The daughter of the Mayor of Raccoon City, Katherine, must sneak in the shelter, while avoiding or fighting a strangely mutated zombie that can only be stopped with special ammo. The third story, Soldier Forgotten, follows Ghost. Like Hunk, Ghost is a U.S.S. agent who also survived the initial outbreak and is now trying to escape.

Each story can be approached on a regular difficulty or in an easier training mode. In a blog post, Kellen Haney, Capcom's social media specialist, described each story as a "hypothetical" scenario, providing "another look at what it could have been". Thus, The Ghost Survivors does not conform to the established tradition of Resident Evil, unlike The 4th Survivor.

In our review of Resident Evil 2, Alessandro Fillari wrote: "Resident Evil 2 is not only a stellar remake of the original, but also a simple horror game offering grotesque and distressing situations, among the best entries of the series, the remake is primarily an awesome game because it is based on the pure experience of survival horror, confidently embracing its horrifying tone and rarely leaving aside until the end Resident Evil 2 is deeply rooted in the past, transforming familiar horrors into something new and unique to itself. "

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