Revolutionary? In fact, the new Apple TV streaming service looks a lot like the old TV

Apple's long-awaited announcement about its TV + production projects was the least interesting aspect of a multi-panel presentation on Monday, aimed at bringing to the company's unique brand of innovation (its "iTouch") so to speak) to various product sectors.

Apple handled the distribution of news and magazines, a new credit card, and games before turning to Hollywood, where the dominant message seemed to be, "We come in peace. Plus, look at all these celebrities!

The main problem is that, even if all previous products felt scalable – like new-generation applications in each of these areas – the original program and production distribution model appears essentially as an Apple add-on what everyone is trying to do.

In other words, the new boss still looks a lot like the old one – a polite ride, maybe, but hardly a revolution.

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Steven Spielberg takes the stage at the Apple event. (Apple Photo)

Indeed, the main element to remember from the programming part of the festivities is that there is no need to reinvent the wheel: Apple performs the same activities as networks, studios and streamers, which involves attracting talent and to try to identify the big successes. The same thing applied, in large part, to his efforts to rationalize distribution, even if at least his sales pitch – a more à la carte approach in which you "pay only for what you want" – has an advantage clear potential for the consumer.

On the other hand, even the trotage of huge names in the show – cited by Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey, in what looked like an unexpected meeting "The Color Purple" – gave the overall impression of a traditional TV show where the stars and Filmmakers help woo media buyers.

Perhaps this is why Apple's executives have demonstrated greater efficiency in presenting their products compared to the joke of celebrities, as any seasoned participant in the annual ritual known as "the fronts Has heard many times.

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Yes, Apple had a lot of wattage on the marquee. But so are many other services and networks, who can present their own movie stars and Oscar winners, and do it. After all, Reese Witherspoon is currently in another show at HBO, and it's not as if Apple would become the exclusive platform to watch Spielberg, J.J. Abrams or Winfrey's projects.

Tim Cook, Apple's impeccable CEO, emphasized the power of television and its ability to do good in the world. Nothing says this idea more than to team up with Winfrey, one of the few talents who have managed to transform what has often been dubbed "telebroccoli" – a programming designed to enrich you – into a commercial vehicle. viable.

Oprah, Spielberg, Abrams and Aniston join Apple's new streaming service

For the most part, though, Apple's programming could simply have been on any other premium platform. And based simply on the volume involved, it seems to be more of a guarantee of the proposed distribution model than the main reason why it was anticipated.

Apple's billions, like other major technology competitors, are instantly making the company a force to watch – and with which one has to count.

Nevertheless, while television was the culmination of Monday's presentation, it was one of those live shows where the first acts really overshadowed the show.

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