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Ashley Darby was waiting so impatiently for the day she would meet her son and he finally arrived. The star of RHOP gave birth on July 7 to a beautiful little boy.

Ashley Darby finally, the baby's joy she was waiting for. the Real potomac housewives The star gave birth to a son on July 7th and she was eager to share this news with the world. The 31-year-old woman showed an Instagram photo of her in her hospital bed exhausted by childbirth while her husband Michael, 59, rocked their bundle of joy on a couch next to her in their birthrace. She is the first child of 31 years old while her husband has two grown children from a previous marriage.

"I never thought that day would come. When I learned that I was pregnant, I started thinking about when I felt the first kicks. Then, when I felt the flutter, I wanted to know when I would finally start showing. After seeing the bump grow, my mind went to the day of childbirth (WILL THIS REALLY STOP ?!) And when the day has finally arrived when this sweet child has entered our world, that's the day. 39 was like the sunniest day after a gray sky. The most sensational day of our life together. Mickey and I savor every moment with our wonderful son ♥, "she said.

On July 2, she posted her latest pregnancy picture on Instagram, showing her round belly naked. Ashley wrote next: "At any time now, my nice son, we have reached the finish line! My darlings, it's the happiest feeling I've felt for the moment. Doing the experience of motherhood and getting ready to hold this being in my arms gives my heart more joy than it is conceivable! Thank you for all the wonderful messages and support notes you sent us. They have been so helpful and inspiring. Lots of love and light to each of you ♥ # 40 weeks #BabyD #rhop "

Ashley and Mickey got married in 2014 but briefly separated RhoW seasons two and three on fights over their restaurant in Oz, Oz, Virginia. Congratulations to the new parents!

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