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The Walking Dead: The World Beyond may have revealed the main antagonist of Rick Grimes’ upcoming film. Love or hate The walking dead, there are certainly many. Aside from the trio of currently airing TV shows (The walking dead, Fear the living dead, The Walking Dead: The World Beyond), AMC has a range of spinoffs in the post-apocalyptic pipeline, including a comedy, anthology, and sequel series starring Norman Reedus’ Daryl Dixon and Melissa McBride’s Carol Peletier. On the big screen, Andrew Lincoln will return in a feature film The walking dead film … finally.

Currently in production, The walking deadThe cinematic debut of moves forward at the speed of a zombie whose last member has just fallen. According to those involved, Rick Grimes’ return is taking time as AMC wants to ensure an improvement in visuals and scale compared to the Walking Deadsmall output screen. With story details so slim on the pitch, it’s impossible to tell who Rick Grimes may run into, but The Walking Dead: The World Beyond might have dropped a major clue.

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AMC The Walking Dead: The World Beyond Season 2 begins with Hope Bennett taken semi-voluntarily by the CRM (Civic Republic Military). The military arm of the colony of the Civic Republic, 200,000 strong, the MRC is, in the opinion of all, the dominant antagonist of the whole of the Walking Dead franchise, appearing in all 3 TV shows. And as more details about the CRM come to light, a potential villain for Rick Grimes emerges – Major-General Beale.

Major-General Beale – The Walking Dead CRM Leadership Structure Explained

The world of the living dead beyond Elizabeth Barco

The Walking Dead franchise has featured a whole bunch of people associated with CRM. There is Jadis in the main show and Isabelle in Fear the living dead, while World beyond presents a procession of soldiers and scientists on the payroll of the Civic Republic. However, the most senior CRM character so far is Julia Ormond’s Elizabeth Kublek, who holds the rank of lieutenant colonel. The main antagonist of The Walking Dead: World Beyond, Elizabeth is overseeing the destruction of Campus Colony and Omaha, and apparently has a free hand to recruit / execute members of the CRM as she sees fit. Elizabeth is, for all intents and purposes, the CRM leader when it comes to The Walking Dead: World Beyondthe story of is concerned.

However, Elisabeth is not where does the CRM money end. Back The Walking Dead: The World Beyond season 1, Elizabeth referred to “Major General Beale”. Using the US military structure as a rough guideline, the Major General is several ranks higher than the Lieutenant Colonel, which makes Beale a big deal. When The Walking Dead: World Beyond First mentioned the character, it wasn’t clear if Major-General Beale actually knew that Elizabeth had turned Campus Colony into something akin to her fraternal feast days. He could have been totally ignorant of the evil side of CRM, Elizabeth being the real mastermind despite ranking lower in the food chain.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond season 2 proves that’s not the case. In the first episode, Elizabeth gives a subordinate “orders from Major General Bealeimmediately after destroying Omaha, ominously adding that the CRM plan has only just begun. The line almost confirms that Beale is the true force behind the MRC, and every crime Elizabeth has committed throughout The Walking Dead: World Beyond was according to his design. To hammer home this point, Major General Beale is mentioned again in Episode 2, when Dr. Belshaw asks Elizabeth: “I take it Major General Beale’s plans are progressing as planned?“Again, the scene reinforces who is really pulling the strings of the CRM.

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Rick Grimes is (probably) working to bring down CRM

Elizabeth Walking Dead World Beyond Season 2

Although information on Rick Grimes The walking dead film is rarer than a one-word response from Eugene, it is possible to get a rough idea of ​​what the character of Andrew Lincoln is up to.

When Rick is gone The walking dead in season 9, his sick body was blown away by a CRM helicopter. What happened next is a mystery, but in Season 10’s “What We’re Becoming” Michonne discovers an important clue regarding Rick’s movements – an iPhone engraved with a picture of herself and Judith. next to “believe a little longerin Japanese. The discovery of Michonne’s cell phone confirms that Rick was relatively close to Alexandria, but for unknown reasons he could not return to his friends and family. The only possible explanation (and that is a very “Rick Grimes” explanation) is that The walking deadThe hero must eliminate a dangerous threat before he can return home safely.

Given that Rick was last physically seen in the custody of the CRM, it is logical to assume that the CRM is this threat, and will be at the center of its next The walking dead movie. Rick would have been thrilled to have his life saved by Civic Republic medics after Season 9’s unfortunate horseback accident / bridge blast, but it wouldn’t take the former cop to deduce that the CRM was either. a bad new. Weave the group through 3 separate TV shows, The walking dead Obviously has big plans for the Civic Republic, and it doesn’t go much further than taking on Rick Grimes in theaters.

Is Major-General Beale Rick Grimes’ movie the enemy of the movie?

The Walking Dead movie by Rick Grimes

The Walking Dead: The World Beyond mentioned Major General Beale 3 times – twice in the first few episodes of Season 2 only. The name drops clearly lead to Something, and although it is possible that Beale will eventually appear in World beyond herself, Elizabeth Kublek has the lead villain role of the covered spin-off. The Walking Dead: World Beyond also ends after the current season, so introducing a bigger, more important villain at this point seems doubly unlikely.

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Instead of, The Walking Dead: World Beyond could plant seeds for Major-General Beale ahead of his screen debut elsewhere in the franchise. What if Rick Grimes is secretly mobilizing against Beale’s organization in the shadows, The walking deadThe next film of seems to be the most plausible destination of the Major General. Everyone who has met Rick Grimes – from Morgan Jones to Negan Smith – has finally realized that he is the man to rebuild the “new world”. Rick accepted his leadership role (eventually) and fought tooth and claw for his friends, ultimately establishing a society based on principles of fairness and civility. Rick is not going to sit idly by while the CRM roams the communities like Michonne’s sword in Hershel’s neck. And with his natural ability to bring others together by his side, Rick Grimes is the perfect revolutionary to take down CRM.

A Rick level threat is above Elizabeth’s pay level, so by then The Walking Dead: The World Beyond is finished and the film planned by AMC is upon us, Major-General Beale could personally take care of the CRM Rick training. From Rick’s perspective, the CRM’s dominance can only be broken by killing its leader. This means that Rick Grimes against Major General Beale for the fate of the United States in The walking deadis the very first film.

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