Ricochet teams up with Finn Balor in his first match at Raw


Who knew that Ricochet had a weakness for Finn Balor?

We just won the Intercontinental title last night at Chamber of elimination, Balor sought to make a promo on the prestige of winning his new belt. Less than a minute after Balor's speech, Lio Rush had none.

Before Balor even debated Rush, former Intercontinental champion Bobby Lashley jumped him from behind. Lashley recently announced that the NXT wrestler Ricochet was rushed to save the situation.

Why? Not sure, but the four men were quickly put into a team match on the spot.

The match itself, with the exception of some of Ricochet's highlights, looked a lot like a match between Finn Balor and Bobby Lashley.

Ricochet waited patiently for the hot etiquette and did not disappoint once back in the lap.

An order of 630 passengers from Ricochet on a shot rush completed the job and crowned the debut of former North American champion NXT. Gross.

Is Ricochet on Gross list for the long term or does it still have outstanding business in NXT?

To be complete Gross results and coverage right here.

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