Ricoh announces a 360 degree Theta Z1 high-end camera


Over the past six years, Ricoh has become one of the world's leading 360 degree camera manufacturers. In addition, the company adds a new flagship device to its product line.

The newly announced Theta Z1 has features that make it an interesting addition to the world of photography.

Ricoh Theta Z1 360 Degree Camera

Since this new camera is supposed to be the company's flagship model, it has all the high-end features you've been waiting for. First, its 360-degree resolution of 23 megapixels (6,720 x 3,360) is extremely high for photos. Of course, it is also capable of capturing 4K video at 360 degrees at 30 frames per second.

To capture sharp images, use 3-axis image stabilization. This should allow you to move with the camera while still capturing video.

The Z1 comes with a 0.93-inch OLED display that should allow you to easily adjust the camera settings while on the go. You can use the screen to switch between F2.1, F3.5 and F5.6 apertures. There is also a wide ISO range from 80 to 6400, which should allow the camera to shoot in a wide range of lighting conditions.

Ricoh announces a 360-degree Theta Z1 high-end camera RicohThetaz12

Like any good camera, there are automatic and manual modes that will allow you to fine-tune your photos and videos, or just turn on the camera and take pictures, according to your needs.

To capture audio, there is a built-in four-channel microphone, with support for spatial audio, that should help you extend the immersion of your videos.

The Z1 comes with 19GB of internal storage. That's enough for 350 RAW photos, 2400 JPG images or about 40 minutes of 4K video. Regarding battery life, the camera will capture 300 still images or 60 minutes of video per charge.

Theta Z1 price and release date

Richo's new high-end camera will be released in March 2019 for $ 999.95. Obviously, it's a little expensive, especially compared to the previous model, the Theta V, which was selling for $ 379.95. Of course, it has some more advanced features than previous versions, so it makes sense that the price is higher.

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