Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez party after the 2019 Oscars


Drake, Beyonce, Jay Z, Oscar Party


For Ducktwo old flames were not far away at the Oscars.

Celebrating the stars ceremony on Sunday night, the Hollywood couple of power Beyonce and Jay Z launched a gold-themed evening at Ch√Ęteau Marmont and all your favorite stars attended, from Adele at Alex Rodriguez.

The Grammy-winning rapper also took part in the evening, putting him in the same room as his very famous ex Jennifer Lopez. As fans may remember, both men had a backstroke in late 2016 and early 2017 before sparks between her and A-Rod.

However, we can not say with certainty that the two paths intersected inside the party. According to one source, Lopez and his famous man were naturally very busy on the dance floor. "She was lovely and many people were approaching her and A – Rod," said the source to E! New. "They had conversations with almost everyone."

Although it's hard to know if "almost everyone" included the star "In My Feelings", we know that he talked about his other former flame, Rihanna.

Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez, Beyonce, Jay Z, Oscar Party


According to the source, the two "seemed to be very friendly and dragged at some point".

However, "they did not seem at all affectionate," noted the source, "but as they had a good friendship now."

The source added: "They did not stay all night, but they said hello, they were cordial and interacted for a moment, Rihanna was with some friends and they also said hello to Drake. world knew each other and were excited to be reunited ".

According to another source, the fight took place while Drake was coming down the stairs and Rihanna was going up. "They were both with a group of friends and they greeted each other and were very friendly," said the second source. "Everything was fine with each other, they seemed to be friends and there was no tension, it was a really informal exchange, but they found themselves at the foot of the stairs for a few minutes when they passed each other. "

Rihanna, Beyonce, Jay Z, Oscar Party


Although it does not seem to be like Drake was reviving earlier novels, there was another couple in the party honor: newly engaged Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom.

"Katy Perry and Orlando were the life of the party, everyone was approaching them to say" congratulations "and they were both [toasting] their drinks with everyone and everyone, "said the source.

According to the source, the lovebirds danced and then huddled on a sofa towards the end of the night and took selfies.

As the insider noted, "they seem so in love."


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