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Rinsing drugs could create "regulatory agents" in northern Alabama

LORETTO, Tennessee (WAFF / Gray News) – In Lawrence County, Tennessee, an announcement about a drug break-up came with an atypical warning about the dangers of trying to eliminate the evidence about the drug.

The warning comes from a drug arrest in Loretto over the weekend. Police said that when they went to execute the search warrant, the suspect, Andy Perry, tried unsuccessfully to flush out methamphetamine and several replacement items. Perry has been arrested on several charges of drug manipulation and evidence.

In a post on Facebook, the police department gave this warning:

"On a more or less serious note: People … please do not dump your drug me" kay. "When you send something into the sewer pipe, it ends up in our retention ponds for treatment before it's sent downstream.Now our sewer guys we are very proud to release a cleaner water than that of the creek, but they are not really In addition, if it allowed us to go far enough, we could create methamphetamine tanks at Shoal Creek and in the Tennessee River, in northern Alabama, from your medications, call us and we will ensure that they are disposed of properly. "

"Processed animals" are probably a reference to the "Squirrel Attack" case of Limestone County that made headlines throughout the country. MPs say the suspect, Mickey Paulk, fed his meth with a domestic squirrel to make him more aggressive. denied this on Facebook live and on the radio.

He was later arrested in Lauderdale County.

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