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Riot Games prepares for next League of Legends PROJECT skins season

The developers of League of Legends will soon be added to the famous skin line PROJECT, because fans already have an idea of ​​the type of field that will receive a new design, according to previous leaks.

Riot Games constantly reinvents its champions by periodically releasing new skins, tweaking their creations and giving the character a place in a rich history.

Over the years, League of Legends developers have collected some extremely popular skins like the K / DA, Battle Academia and more, but none are more appealing for science fiction than the PROJECT collection.

Riot Games

The PROJECT skin line in League of Legends has produced a ton of fan favorite designs for champions like Jhin.

In a tweet of June 13, Riot Games published a small video teasing the next champions who will soon receive the treatment of PROJECT.

The short clip was accompanied by the slogan "We can not control the monsters we create …" with the PROJECT logo on a large metal door.

At the end of the teaser, one of the new champions cut a small opening through the door, signaling that something is about to come off.

Shots and what appears to be an energy projectile can be seen attacking the door frame in the same way, as it seems like a trio of characters are about to break out of their confinement and find themselves on the Rift.

Until now, there are a ton of champions with a skin related to the history of PROJECT, such as Yasuo, Zed, Fiora, Vayne, Jhin and more.

Although many champions have been reinvented in the style of the PROJECT collection, Summoners will soon discover which characters adopt a futuristic theme.

The leaks reveal the PROJECT champions before the official announcement

It seems that League of Legends fans already have an idea of ​​at least two champions who will receive new PROJECT skins.

The 'ElmilloR' Streamer accidentally showed an excerpt from a Discord conversation with members of the League of Legends partnership program revealing that Pyke and Jinx would soon get PROJECT skins.

The leak would match the images seen in the trailer as it shows the attacks of a machine gun type weapon (Jinx) and the damage of a ranged attack (Pyke).

Although fans are eagerly awaiting the full official revelation of the next champions for PROJECT skins in League of Legends.

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