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21519hennyrat.png "src =" "width =" 640 "height =" 630 "/> <br /> <i>    The irreplaceable Henny Rat. Photo used with permission of Chris Williamson.</i></div>
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<p>Over the years, a series of rodent heroines – each of them uniquely embodying the spirit of New York City – have emerged from the clutesty to arouse great success. Pizza Rat burst into our hearts when he not only managed to pull the slice, but folded it and ate it properly. And it will be ten years in October that an informant sent us a picture of Sad Rat, a rat trying unsuccessfully to get out of the sidewalk.</p>
<p>This week, a new furry friend joined the lineage of famous rats: Henny Rat. Yesterday, a photo started circulating on Twitter, illustrating the tired rat, very dead, hanging on a small bottle of Hennessy. "Just another day in New York," <a href=tweeted Chris Williamsonwho took the picture and uploaded it yesterday. Williamson, a sports presenter at SNY, told Gothamist that he had found the fiery rat holding the Henny at the corner of Monroe Street and Ralph Avenue, Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn.

Immediately, people began to speculate on what this poor rat could have done. Was it the 18th consecutive loss of the Knicks? Made Stuart Little or Rémy (from Ratatouillethe life of) turns dark? Or was it a rat drama on the rails of the subway?

Williamson is not the only person to document the disappearance of Henny Rat online. On Wednesday, Nicolas Heller, a filmmaker, had already published a picture of the rat on his Instagram account. In his shot, Hennessy's bottle rested near the rat, and not beside him – besides my guy was also flanked by a pack of Newports.

"I've staged the photo," he tells Gothamist. Heller was on his way to the train when he noticed the dead rat at the corner of Ralph and Monroe, as well as the pack of cigarettes and cognac. "I'm not proud of it but I took Hennessy's bottle and put it next to the rat, because I knew it would be better than just having the Newports package that I threw it there, "he says. that the bottle and the cats were "10-15 steps" from the dead rat.

Heller says that he often sees dead rats on Monroe and Ralph, and that there may be a lot of poisoning in the rat in this corner. In December, he found one of the deceased rodents near a half-eaten pizza. He kicked the pizza left over from the rat and took a picture. "I imagine it could be an ongoing series," he laughs. "I will not like, do everything I can to stage things like that but … the opportunity has come."

Your move, Zardulu.

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