Risk of HIV and hepatitis: Philadelphia Department of Health warns some dental patients about possible exposure

Philly health officials warn patients of the risk of infection

The Philadelphia Department of Public Health has closed three local dentists' offices and warns patients to get tested for HIV, hepatitis C and hepatitis B, reports CBS Philadelphia. The Ministry of Health said the three Trieu Family dental clinics were closed for improper sterilization of dental equipment and failures in injection safety practices.

The department believes that the risk of infection is low and is not aware of any infection resulting from the practices.

After receiving an anonymous message, health department investigators visited the clinics and observed the violations, reports CBS Philly. The three sites were then closed on December 7 of last year.

Since then, the Department of Health has been training staff in infection control practices and re-educating staff. None of Trieu's practices will be allowed to reopen until the Department of Health concludes that the unsafe practices have been corrected.

All patients were informed of potential health risks and were asked to consult their health care provider for testing.

The Trieu Family Dental Clinics in question are located at 437 West Chew Avenue in Olney, 5427 North 5th Street in Olney and 6536 Woodland Avenue in Elmwood.

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