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Roach Hopes Mayweather returns to face a "100%" Pacquiao

Coach Freddie Roach said on Wednesday that he hoped that Manny Pacquiao could hold a rematch against Floyd Mayweather after the Filipino legend runs into business against Keith Thurman in Las Vegas this month.

Roach told the press that he was still upset by Pacquiao's defeat to Mayweather in their 2015 matchup, which was considered the "fight of the century", but ended up being disappointed for boxing fans .

Pacquiao later said that a shoulder injury had hurt his performance during the loss, while Mayweather was preparing to retire later that year with an unblemished record.

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Pacquiao, who briefly retired in 2016 before returning later that year, continued to fight.

Roach, Pacquiao's coach for most of his two-decade career, hopes a victory over Thurman could pave the way for Mayweather's revenge if he can be persuaded to return to the ring.

"I hope we can bring Mayweather to the table," Roach told reporters in his Wild Card gym on Wednesday. "I wish we had one last attack on him."

"We did not fight big fight that night. Manny's shoulder did not help at all. He has been operated since, he is now 100%.

"I'd like us to fight Mayweather again because I did not like the way we performed, I was disappointed with myself."

Pacquiao, meanwhile, has been more cautious about the possibility of a rematch, insisting that he does not think about Mayweather as long as he stays in retirement.

"Floyd is retired. I only look at active fighters. Floyd is no longer active, "said Pacquiao. "Right now, I only think about Thurman."

Roach thinks Pacquiao's superior conditioning and quickness of hand will give him an edge in the fight.

"Thurman starts quickly but usually fades," Roach said. "I like Pacquiao in the last innings because that's where he usually excels. I do not like to make predictions, but I do not see this one to cross the distance. "

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