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Roadmap and Division 2 DLC Pass are described

The Division 2 Tom Clancy launches on PS4, Xbox One and PC in just a few weeks. Just as Ubisoft did with the previous title, the developer plans to support it with a steady stream of free post-release content. In anticipation of the next open beta version of the game, Ubisoft presented the content of Division 2 that it has in reserve during its first year.

After the release of the game on March 15, Ubisoft will gradually introduce new episodes, modes, specializations, etc. It all starts with Tidal Basin, a new bastion that should arrive "shortly after its launch". The Dark Hours Operation, the first eight-player raid in the series, will also be available shortly after its release.

Following this, Ubisoft will launch this summer the first post-launch episode of The Division 2, entitled D.C. Outskirts: Expeditions. This episode will feature two additional primary missions, as well as a new mode in which players "will investigate the fate of a lost convoy". The second episode, Pentagon: the last castle, will follow in the fall and will also present two new main missions, while episode 3 will close the year this winter.

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All the aforementioned contents will be made available free of charge to all players. However, if you wish to access it earlier, Ubisoft also offers an An 1 Pass for the game. The pass costs $ 40 and will provide players with seven-day advance access to all post-launch episodes in the first year of the game. game, as well as instant access to all new specializations. Pass holders will also receive eight ranked missions and a series of exclusive cosmetics.

In addition to free content, The Division 2 will include a clothing store in the game, which will sell cosmetics. Ubisoft points out that these options will be optional and will not benefit those who spend money in the game than those who do not. You can read more about the first year of The Division 2 content on the game's website.

The open beta of Division 2 is running on the PS4, Xbox One and PC from March 1st to 4th. It will have three main missions and five secondary missions. Unlike previous private tests, the maximum level will also be increased to 8, and there will be an additional Skirmish PvP card (Capitol Ruins) and Skill (Chem Launcher).

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