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Robbie Gould explains her quote piece "Closer to my family"

This saga of Robbie Gould is a gift that continues to offer, and it will be until the San Francisco 49ers make a decision regarding the use of the 36-year-old kicker. Chicago Bears fans were hoping to end up with the player who played at Soldier Field for eleven years, but if San Francisco does not accept an exchange, it will not happen.

Gould may still have a choice between starting point and where he will play in 2019, but it is the "Niners" who hold all the cards while they placed him the franchise label in February. Monday, July 15th is the deadline to reach a long-term agreement between the two parties, and if this deadline is exceeded, the 49ers still retain their rights.

The reality is that Gould's options are limited. He could wait and go to San Francisco for his match of week 1, then start winning his $ 5 million franchise, or he could achieve a proportional share of the deal until the week 10 His last option is to sit in full. Season 2019, but it does not benefit anyone.

It's no secret that Gould maintained his Chicago residency for himself and his family after Bears GM Ryan Pace released him before the 2016 season. Gould was very adamant that his family has remained local since that time.

And while he alludes to playing for the Bears with several social media posts, he has finally clarified his situation regarding playing specifically in Chicago.

"I never said I wanted to go back," Gould said via Mercury News. "I just said that I want to be closer to my family. This does not necessarily mean (bears). "

This could mean that any Midwestern town close enough for frequent travel could be at stake. Even the city to the north, which he specifically identified in his interview.

"My favorite place is Green Bay," said Gould. "There is something in the story to go out there and go through the single file tunnel. I played very well there. It's a comforting thing. "

The situation of the Packers is currently managed by Mason Crosby, 34, who has an impact capped at $ 4,850,000 in 2019, including $ 1,250,000 in the event of a fatal incident, but I can not see them let their long-time opponent escape.

I've got the feeling that he's vague about his desire to play in Chicago, it's just because it's clever not to want to show his cards to the 49ers, but that's a good thing. 39 he wants to get away from California is very real.

As he is technically under contract, the Bears can not have any discussion with Gould or his people, but I have the feeling that Pace would be interested in an exchange if the price is right.

You still hope that Gould returns to Chicago?

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